How To Find Your Orisha Mother And Father?

How To Find Your Orisha Mother And Father

To find your Orisha mother and father, you will need to first understand the concept of Orishas which are deities in the Yoruba religion. The deities or Orishas govern various aspects of life such as health, love, luck and protection. Once you have an understanding of what they represent, it is important to create a relationship with them by praying or meditating on their energy.

You can also research different myths associated with each Orisha to get a better sense of who they are and how they fit into your life. Additionally, many people consult diviners such as Santeros or Babalawos who use tools like cowries shells to help identify the particular energies that surround you and reveal which Orishas are most active in your life – this could be either one’s parents or another set entirely. Ultimately however it is up to you to nurture these connections through prayer and meditation so that these powerful beings become part of your spiritual family.

  • Identify Your Orisha: Before you can find your orisha parents, it is important to know which two orishas are believed to be your spiritual guardians
  • Research the different types of orishas and their meanings so that you can identify who yours may be
  • Learn About Their Symbols and Offerings: Each Orisha has its own set of symbols and offerings associated with them, such as colors, foods, animals, plants etc
  • , so take time to learn about each one’s unique attributes in order to better connect with them spiritually
  • Connect With Your Ancestors: Connecting with your ancestors is an important part of understanding who your spiritual guardians are because they will have passed down knowledge from generation to generation about the religion and culture behind it all
  • Consider visiting a local priest for guidance on how best to do this if needed
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  • Visit an Appropriate Place Of Worship: Visiting a place of worship dedicated specifically to honoring the Orishas (such as a Yoruba temple) is another great way to find out more information about which ones could be considered your mother and father figures – many practitioners there will be able offer insight into this process if asked politely! 5
  • Pray To The Orishas : Once you’ve identified who might be your spiritual guardian angels , begin praying directly to them asking for guidance in understanding what role they play in protecting you – often times just speaking aloud can bring clarity when seeking answers from these deities!

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Can You Have Two Orisha?

Yes, you can have two Orishas. In the Yoruba religion, an individual may possess multiple Orishas and each one has a unique role in providing guidance and protection. Depending on the person’s connection with their ancestors, they will be able to tap into different energies from different Orishas that they identify with.

The relationship between the individual and each of their Orisha is based on their personal spiritual journey–which can often involve dedicating time to rituals or offerings for the various entities within their pantheon of deities. By having multiple Orishas, individuals are able to strengthen relationships with these powerful entities which ultimately helps them live a more balanced life as they move through this world as spiritual beings.

What is the Number for Orishas?

The number for Orishas is 3. Each of these deities, known as orisha, represents a different aspect in life and nature – the forces that shape our lives. The three Orishas are Olorun (God), Obatala (Creator) and Olodumare (Supreme Being).

They rule over mankind with their divine power and wisdom, guiding us through the trials of life on earth. Each Orisha has its own special symbols, colors and rituals associated with it to help humans connect with them more easily. In addition to offering spiritual guidance, they also bring luck to those who honor them by following their teachings.

By understanding the power of each individual Orisha’s essence we can learn how to better navigate our own path through this world.

What is a Child of Oshun?

A child of Oshun is a follower of the Afro-Cuban religion Santeria, which often worships the goddess Oshun. In Santeria, Oshun is seen as the motherly figure who nurtures and promotes fertility, love, sensuality and beauty. As such, children of Oshun devote themselves to honoring her in their daily lives by engaging in activities that promote these values.

This includes making offerings to Oshun at regular intervals (usually once a week) during religious ceremonies or rituals; praying for her guidance; participating in traditional dances dedicated to her; and displaying symbols associated with her such as cowrie shells or peacock feathers. Additionally, children of Oshun strive to live according to certain moral codes so they can be deserving of her favor and blessings.

What are the Traits of Obatala?

Obatala is an Orisha in the Yoruba religion and is associated with creation, purity, and wisdom. He is usually depicted as a king wearing white robes and holding a staff. Obatala has many positive traits including being wise, patient, peaceful, generous, honest, creative, devoted to his followers and compassionate.

He also symbolizes justice as he ensures that all people are treated fairly. As the father of humanity he places great importance on respect for others and harmony among all living things. His compassion extends not only to humans but also to animals and plants alike.

He provides guidance when needed while still allowing individuals to make their own decisions without judgement or criticism. Obatala’s creativity allows him to manifest new ideas into reality which helps bring life-changing solutions to difficult problems that arise in society.

How To Find Your Orisha Mother And Father?


How to Know When an Orisha Chooses You

When an Orisha chooses you, it is something that will likely be felt more than seen. It may manifest as a feeling of being called to or drawn towards the particular Orisha; this attraction could be physical, emotional and/or spiritual in nature. You may also experience signs such as finding yourself surrounded by symbols associated with the Orisha or randomly hearing their name mentioned frequently even when no one around you is discussing them.

Ultimately, it is best to listen to your intuition when determining if an Orisha has chosen you – pay attention and trust what you feel!


The Orishas are an important part of many spiritual and cultural practices. Knowing your Orisha mother and father can provide a connection to the divine, helping you to understand yourself better and gain guidance in life. With some research, practice, and patience, anyone may be able to find their own unique Orisha parents.

As long as one remains open-minded and follows their intuition, they will be well on their way towards finding answers that bring them closer to understanding this beautiful belief system.

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