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5 Important Quilting Tips For Beginners

Quilting Tips

Do you see all those beautifully gorgeous quilts and you wonder how you can get started? Quilting can be daunting for beginners. This is because there are a lot of quitting techniques that every quilter must master. When you are just beginning, you may feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of terms and techniques you will encounter in your first quilt.

Also, due to the many ways available to accomplish every quilt, you may end up getting confused. Here are some five important beginner quilting tips that will get you started on your quilting journey.

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#1. Learn About the Qualities of Fabric

Fabric panels are the backbone of any quilts. Though you don’t need to buy the most expensive fabric, it is advisable not to make a quilt with thin material. This is because it will not hold up while in use and when it is washed. Once you understand how to take care of your fabric, it will be much easier to make a quilt.

#2. Become Familiar With Quilting Terminology

When starting to make a quilt, familiarizing yourself with the quilting terminologies will be helpful, and it will make your quilting journey easy. Keeping necessary quilting skills and your fingertips and knowing common abbreviations used with patterns will make the whole process easy.


#3. Start With Simple Patterns

If you want quilting projects to be less frustrating and more fun, start with simple patterns. You can start with square and rectangular shapes as they are some of the most straightforward fantastic designs. Once you have gained more experience, you can shift to more intricate patterns with all kinds of shapes.

#4. Figure Out Your Work Space

You don’t need an entire craft room for your quilting hobby. All you need is a tabletop that will fit your cutting mat and some floor space to lay out your quilt. Most beginners start with a folding table, and they do just fine.

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#5. Opt For Patterns That Use Large Pieces

Using larger pieces will make quilting easier and quicker. It will also be faster to piece out the quilt together. Large patterns also have fewer seams to deal with. This means that it will be easier to avoid mistakes.


Quilting does not have to be that difficult. By following these tips, starting small and giving yourself time, you will be in a position to make your quilt with no struggle.


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