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Making Therapy Decisions as a Parent with a Child Diagnosed with Autism

Making Therapy Decisions Child Diagnosed with Autism

If you’re in the process of choosing autism treatment in Miami for your child, you’re likely looking to find the therapy option that has been proven to work. This means you can jump right into things without having concerns that you may have chosen the incorrect therapy type. You know the process works, and you don’t have to worry that you’ve made the wrong decision.

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You might think that choosing any type of treatment is just the same as choosing another, but that isn’t reality. Very few options are scientifically proven to work, while others are in the testing stages, and many show no evidence at all that they provide skills children with autism need.

Choosing ABA Treatment in Miami

When it comes to the top autism treatment in Miami, you are not going to find anything better than applied behavior analysis or ABA. There are dozens of research articles that show how high the success is using this type of therapy. These research documents explain how the research was done, what was found out by doing the therapy, and any strengths and weaknesses of the therapy. 

Many scientific studies show the results that can be had when choosing ABA treatment, especially for children who begin the treatment at a young age. This is the best option for any parent who wants superior care for their child that can help them learn to engage in and explore the world around them.

Other Treatment Options and Why They Do Not Stack Up

There are many different options for autism treatment Miami, so you may wonder why some of the other choices are inferior to ABA treatment. The number one reason is that none of the treatments are evidence-based and proven to help.

Some are untested, such as animal therapy, where children spend time with animals. However, this treatment has no scientific studies showing that it actually works.

Some of the other treatment options you may see advertised but which are currently unproven include art therapy, vision therapy, patterning, sensory-motor therapy, bonding therapy, and psychoanalytic and humanistic play therapy.

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While there’s no proof these things never work, there’s also no evidence that they do. This makes it more likely that choosing one of these options will cost you money and time with little to no reward for the effort.

ABA treatment Miami helps children with autism in learning social skills, avoiding interfering behaviors, increasing appropriate behaviors, and lowering the situations where interfering behaviors occur. When this kind of autism treatment in Miami is provided to a young child, they can learn and grow quickly to keep up with the world around them.


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