How To Flights In Sharm EL Sheikh To Visit Best Tourist Attractions When Visit Egypt

Best Tourist Attractions When Visit Egypt

Flights in Sharm El Sheikh

The Parachute Tour in Sharm El Sheikh.

If you dream of flying and flying in the air like birds and watching from the highest views of Sharm El Sheikh, the Parachute trip is suitable for you.

If you love the spirit of adventure and share your partner or your children or friend with this adventure, the Parachute Journey is suitable for you.

The Parachute Journey offers you the dream of flying from above the earth and flying in the air for ten unforgettable minutes of memory while enjoying the spirit of adventure and watching the wonderful landscapes of the highest.

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The Parachute Tour is available daily from 10am to 4pm.

You can choose the right time for you and after agreeing on the specified time, you will be escorted from the hotel accompanied by the guide and head to Naama Bay. From there you can take a quick yacht after explaining all the instructions and safety measures.

Fly in the air for 10 to 15 minutes.

Then take a quick descent to the yacht with the possibility of touching the water with the legs when reaching the yacht.

Then return to the departure point and pay by bus to the hotel.

The parachute trip is suitable for all ages, individuals and children

Where you can share your children this wonderful adventure with the provision of high security.

Journey of the Canyon and Blohol

The Cannion and Blohl Tour are fun trips, including an adventure in the desert to see colored canyons then head to Abu Gallum and the Blue Hole swimming pool, one of the world’s most famous dive spots.

A list of places to stay in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is characterized by a variety of places such as

• Hard Rock Bay Naama

• Hard Rock Bay Buckthorn

• Buda Bar

• Basha

• One Thousand and One Nights

• Space

• Dolce

• Pattaya Beach

• Arabic nightclub

• Moon Sina

Best Restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh

• Fares Fish Restaurant

There are two branch branches in the Old Market + the Brando branch


• Egyptians Grill Restaurant

There are two branches in the old market + Nabq Branch

• Abou El Sid Restaurant for Oriental and Egyptian Lounges over Hard Rock Naama Bay

• A cozy restaurant for fish and barbecue at Hilton Turquoise Bay Naama

• Naama Bay has fast food restaurants such as Hardee’s, Mack, Kentucky, Pizza Hat and more

• Jolie Ville Bakery Restaurant ….. It is not a restaurant in the literal sense, but it is special for all baked goods such as cakes, fries and bread of all kinds, in addition to coffee and ice cream

• Moroccan restaurant within the park of Alf Leila and Leila …. This restaurant specializes in Moroccan cuisine only

• Peking Restaurant … is a Chinese food specialty located in the Naama Bay near McDonald’s and is a two-story

• Mojo Restaurant …. Located in Naama Bay directly opposite Iberotel Lido Hotel, located in front of the sea and owned by a person named Karim Yassin

You can sit inside and enjoy its decorations and artistic paintings that decorate or sit on the terrace overlooking the sea.

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Everyone who sat there said he felt like he was sitting in Miami.

This restaurant offers sea salad with lemon, Spanish chocolate, and many Western dishes from different countries, especially from Europe and the Middle East.

Top 10 Luxor trip from hurghada Tourist Attractions:

  1. valley of the kings
  2. Hatshepsut temple
  3. Karnak temple
  4. Luxor temple
  5. Collossi of Memmnon
  6. Luxor museum
  7. Valley of the nobels
  8. Luxor West Bank
  9. Luxor Western Rites
  10. Flight of the Flying Baron

Best Hurghada Diving Sites in Hurghada Red Sea:

  1. El Fanadir in Hurghada Egypt
  2. El Fanadir East in Hurghada Egypt
  3. El Fanadir South in Hurghada Egypt
  4. Gota Abu Ramada in Hurghada Egypt
  5. Sha’ab Abu Ramada in Hurghada Egypt
  6. Shabroah Umm Gamar in Hurghada Egypt
  7. Umm Gammar in Hurghada Egypt
  8. El Mina Wreck in Hurghada Egypt
  9. Marsa Abu Galawa in Hurghada Egypt
  10. Sha’ab Abu Galawa in Hurghada Egypt


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