3 Tips for Decorating A Nursery To Perfection

Tips for Decorating A Nursery To Perfection

While the process of designing a nursery is considered to be fun and rewarding, it can be a rather overwhelming and frustrating experience if you have no idea where to begin. When it comes to decoration, nursery wallpapers which include temporary wallpapers play a huge part in ensuring you achieve your desired design. Below are 3 Tips for Decorating a Nursery to Perfection.

1. Consider the room’s location and other practicalities

The nursery’s location should be closer to the parent’s room so that you do not need to walk for a long distance while going to check in the baby in the middle of the night. It also ensures that you are in close range hence can listen to any strange activities such as pets that like to linger around the baby.

Since babies spend most of their time on their backs, it is important to decorate the ceiling with exciting patterns and colors that will keep the child contemplated as opposed to staring at a blank and boring surface. Temporary wallpapers such as nursery wallpapers come in handy as they can be changed at any time.

Having big windows with big black-out curtains is very important. When closed, they make the room dark giving a sense of the night which helps the baby sleep in peace. Having light in the nursery means party time or playtime for some babies and hence may struggle to stay awake when they should be napping.

Having a dimmer instead of harsh lights will give a sort of comfort to the baby and avoid any irritation to the baby’s eyes. Also having a nightlight comes in handy especially during the night feedings.

A sanitation station that has all the sanitation supplies which include diapers, wipes, baby powder, and different oils depending on your preference is great and makes the changing time easy as everything is within reach.

Finally, you must have a focal point that serves as both the subject and the anchor to your nursery’s design.

Decorating A Nursery

2. Leave room to grow

Babies tend to grow up very fast and what may seem adorable to a newborn may not be adorable to them when they are older. For example, a baby’s crib which seems hard to let go will need to be exchanged with a toddler-sized bed as the baby grows.

Having a changing table and a dresser is important as you will have more use for the dresser as the baby grows. While decorating the nursery, think about the future and remember babies will not be toddlers forever.

3. Be creative with the storage 

When it comes to kids, you can never have enough storage. From the baby blankets, burp cloths to the toys and stuffed animals that follow thereafter as they grow, immense storage is required.

To curb the shortage of storage, get creative by looking at DIY tutorials that can help you create more space. Any extra space like having drawers in most furniture will be of great help to you.

 Also, embrace the art of sorting clothes as the baby grows so that you take out what no longer fits and have only what the baby needs at the stage he is currently in.

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