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5 Things To Consider Before Putting Your Baby In A Crib

Consider Baby In A Crib

Your baby’s crib is one of the most important things to have as a parent. However, when not handled carefully, it’s one of the riskiest places for your baby. That is because it can easily cause sudden infant death syndrome. So, your baby has outgrown the bassinet, and it’s time for them to transit to the crib?

Here are 5 things to consider before putting your baby in a crib.

Ensure that The Crib Has Safe Slat Distance

Kids can easily fall out of their cribs. Also, their heads, feet, and arms can get trapped between the slats. Therefore, you should ensure that your kid’s crib has safe slat distance. Usually, the slats should not exceed 2-3 inches.

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A Baby Crib Should Not Have Drop-side Bars

Every parent’s worry is the safety of their kids. Thus, for the safety of your baby, avoid a crib that has drop-side railings. That is to prevent your baby from falling. The side rails should not move at all for a safe crib.

Ensure The Crib Has A Firm Mattress

Babies are not healthy enough to push away from soft mattresses that can easily cut off their air supply. To prevent suffocation and your baby moving in a dangerous sleeping position while they are sleeping, ensure that you have a firm mattress.

It helps the baby to get better sleep and prevents aches. Get the firmest mattress you can find in the market. Also, test it yourself by pressing firmly on all sides and at the center before purchasing it.

We recommended a bedside crib co-sleeper that give proper safety and change your baby nights.


Clear The Baby’s Sleeping Space

Before putting your baby into a crib, it’s recommended to clear the baby’s sleeping space. Remove all blankets, pillows, and toys that may get in the way of your baby while they are sleeping. That will ensure that regardless of them turning and tossing in the bed while sleeping, they are still safe.

Also, keep all soft objects and loose bedding out of the crib before placing your baby to sleep. They can easily cause suffocation, which can lead to death.

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Ensure The Room Is in The Preferred Temperature

It is good to ensure that the room your baby is sleeping in in the right temperature comfortable for an adult. Sleeping in a room with the right temperature increases the quality of the baby’s sleep. Adjust the temperature before putting the baby in the crib so that you will not forget.


These are some of the safety things to consider before putting your baby in the crib. Other safety practices to consider include; checking all the screws of the crib and adjusting them if need be, do not dress your baby in more than one layer of clothing and also the baby should always sleep on their back. Follow these tips to create a safe sleeping environment for your kid.


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