Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction in Pregnancy Experience


SPD in pregnancy is a common pregnancy complaint. Your baby has to travel down the pelvis and to help the baby do this the body produces a hormone called relaxing which softens the ligaments.

Your pelvic joints can then move to cause causing inflammation and pain. This condition is known as SPD.

 “Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) is most commonly associated with pregnancy and childbirth.”

One mum shares how SPD in pregnancy caused her extreme pain.

It was with my second pregnancy explains one mum, it started with my hips swelling and I suffered from pain while walking at around 20 weeks of the pregnancy.

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I was given a large tube grip to wrap around my hips by the physiotherapist and I was prescribed Dihydrocodeine.

This seemed to work and I managed to reach the end of my pregnancy without too many complaints.

I am currently pregnant, this will be my third and SPD has come back again. This time the SPD in pregnancy is crippling me. It started at 30 weeks into the pregnancy and again it started in my hips and I had difficulty in walking.

I am now 38 weeks and it looks as if my labor will be induced because of the SPD.

By the 34th week of my pregnancy standing was too painful.

I have been prescribed Morphine yet I am frightened of the effect it will have had upon my unborn baby.

The doctors and midwives have not been helpful, telling me it’s just the usual aches and pains that come with pregnancy. I was finally referred to a physiotherapist. I now have crutches to walk on.

The GP has prescribed Dihydrocodeine again with a higher dose than last time, it is not recommended to take during pregnancy, but the pain is unbearable.

I was admitted to hospital with reduced movements and a slight bleed; the doctors were concerned over the medication I was taking for the pain.

SPD in pregnancy could be causing a risk to my unborn baby because I have to take such high doses of painkillers. They decided it was safer to prescribe a morphine patch.

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My husband has to help me visit the toilet and support me as I take a bath. He works nights and is tired as he is not getting much sleep during the day when he is home.

We have two other children who he needs to help care for, as I am unable to do it myself due to the pain and my restricted mobility.

I may need to remain on crutches as I have damage to my hips and muscles; the examinations at the hospital have caused more damage.

I worry as it may ruin my career too, I won’t be able to ride horses, I am ahead groom.

I am angry that the GP did not research SPD in pregnancy and quite happily prescribed medication that was not safe.

I have been warned that my baby may suffer withdrawal symptoms from the Morphine when she is born.

I don’t believe that doctors understand the seriousness of SPD in pregnancy and they should be made more aware and have the correct information to give mothers. I would never have taken the medication first prescribed had I have known the risks.

Have you suffered from SPD in pregnancy? What was your experience?


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