Study the Advantages of Sisal Rugs as the Ideal Floor Coverings for Long Term Use

Study the Advantages of Sisal Rugs

Carpet weaving has been a significant part of human civilization which can be traced from the historical records. This art had been initially developed by the ancient sheep herders of the Middle East for covering the floors or the roofs of their tents.

The carpets or the rugs were also used in their prayer halls and later on, this art had traveled across Europe and other countries. For centuries, the carpet weavers have been using the sheep’s wool or goat hair to weave their carpets.

The exquisite designs done on the surface of these carpets and rugs had been only drawing the attention of the rich and the royals due to their high pricing. And in this time period, only a few could afford to buy these carpets or rugs today.

In the contemporary period, the carpet weavers had become more innovative to weave their carpets or rugs using either artificial fibers like nylon or synthetic or plant fibers like sisal, seagrass, jute, and coir.

However, investing in rugs or carpets woven from plant fibers is worth doing in terms of quality and price, rather than buying the plastic rugs. The process of maintaining natural rugs has been very minimal. It is highly astonishing to find how the thorny leaves of the Agave cactus plant are crushed and the extract that is later on dried and then made into fibers for making carpets or rugs.

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The extract is known as sisal which is woven into sisal rugs. There are a number of rugs or carpets stores selling the sisal rugs, but the collection at Floorspace will please everyone. Floorspace sisal rugs are very affordable for everyone and are available in different patterns and shades.

Combination either with or without wool, the sisal rugs will surely add the desired sophistication to your living space. They offer assistance for either the installation for the wall to wall or over the floor without charging anything extra. As for convenience, their customers can place the order for sisal rugs online or by visiting the physical store. And you can choose your favorite color or pattern.

Study the Advantages of Sisal Rugs as the Ideal Floor Coverings

The necessary characteristics that make the sisal rugs favorite among the customers are highlighted as follows:

1) As the sisal rugs originate from the natural green environment, therefore, these rugs are of a biodegradable type. After disposal, these rugs can be subjected to recycling for further reuse. In fact, growing sisal is also economical, in that it only requires the least amount of fertilizers during the cultivation. Popularly known as American Aloe, it’s grown in Java, East Africa, and Mexico.

2) Maintenance of your sisal rugs is done by using the vacuum cleaner on a fortnightly basis. Clumps of the food items or other solid particles fell on the sisal rugs can be removed with the help of the bristle brush and dry cleaning powder. After vacuuming the entire rug, the surface of the sisal rugs brightens up.

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3) Sisal rugs are good sound absorbers and therefore, ideally suitable for installing in the hall areas. These rugs prevent the sound pollution that large crowds create.

4) Sisal rugs are also the insulator of extremes of climatic conditions.  Therefore, installation of the sisal rugs in the interiors of the domestic residence or the office will not let external climate to affect the guests.

5) Quite safe to use in the domestic residence as it does not develop any static electricity. Therefore, family members can use these rugs safely. Sisal rugs are also fire resistant.

6) The hygienic conditions will be well maintained in any interior where the sisal rugs are installed. These rugs would not let anyone suffer from any allergy or skin infection. On the contrary, plastic rugs or synthetic carpets have been highly unsatisfying because they attract dust which can cause health issues of the carpet users.

7)The toughness of the sisal rugs is well known which allows them to easy to handle the wear and tear over time and retain a fresh look.


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