Proper Seating Position Healthy for Your Baby

Why is Proper Seating Position Healthy for Your Baby?


When your baby is sat in a highchair with no support, they tend to end up juggling around and have no interest in what has been put in front of them.

The reason is their lower body has no support so they start fidgeting as a way to find a comfortable position. Sitting in a chair with no support can also be very tiring for your little one,

which can result in having less energy to spend on eating or trying to get out of the highchair altogether.

By creating an environment that is comfortable for your child, they will focus their attention on eating all of their food and even be more likely to enjoy new, unfamiliar foods!

Remember: a baby isn’t able to communicate that they are uncomfortable, so it is important to look out for these signs to determine whether they are struggling in the highchair.

Highchair footrests


When you first introduce solid foods to your baby, it will be the first time they will have to apply motor skills that are essential when learning how to eat such as biting, chewing and picking up a spoon.

To develop skills like this, you must provide stability for their body.

PEDIATRICIANS state that footrest allows toddlers to increase their motor skills, allowing them to feel better and improve their concentration.
By providing them with a comfortable position, they can then focus their mind on learning how to chew and enjoy their food!

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