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How To Play With 6 Months Babies

How To Play With 6 Months Babies

Babies are a source of joy. Ever since they’re born, they start kicking and smiling at your jokes which they don’t even understand. 

So, you can think about them getting 6 months old and they must be learning all this while. Now it is time for you to come inaction of those appropriate games that can start your baby’s growth and learning and also act as a source of fun. 

In this article, you are going to learn some of the best and most fun games that you can play with your kiddo. 

Typical behavior of babies:

Since babies have a very sharp understanding, they grasp any information that is fed to them quickly and they keep these habits or actions stored in their minds for a very long time. 

You must have noticed that kids really love to interact, more than anything they just love to talk and sound like talking. These kinds of kids are highly communicative and they are less noisy. On the other side, there are some kids who start crying with just a view of someone, and these kids are likely to be sociophobics. 

The researchers have found out that the likely nature of kids is very much built up in their early childhood. Ever since they start reacting to your actions and reactions, you can pretty much know that the kid is active and someday they may interact with you in their little ways.

Hence the basic development starts right now. The 6 months baby isn’t just a toddler, but they start rolling, turning, and tumbling. They even start chanting a few words in their little broken ways. 

Some of the kids even start standing on their own and they snatch and bite you which again shows that their organs have started their development. So, to enhance that and keep them growing we have certain ways to tell you how you can play with your 6 months baby. 


Reading is a great activity to start your toddler’s growth with. You can read them stories with hand gestures and it would be great if you get those bright-colored picture books with short stories and the plastic-coated pages so that the pages don’t get torn out when your kiddo snatches them.

And that will happen for sure. However, you can even make some dance steps to add up a little fun and make them groove with you

Benefits: reading helps in incorporating communication skills and language learning. Kids try to understand the words and they even remember a few. This helps in sensory development. The pictures with bright components even help in the development of sight and touch.


Clapping is such an activity that every child tries to indulge in. Babies are mostly attracted to sounds and when they clap, they produce one which they love. Encourage your child to clap with you.

Try to produce different sounds with clapping and see how your baby reacts to it. You can take your child’s hand and teach them to clap, or you can even clap while singing rhymes.

Benefits: Your baby will start to learn sounds.

Peek a boo:

This is one of the oldest games that is played with kids. It makes babies laugh out loud when they see someone suddenly pop up. You can do it with a blanket or hide behind a chair or sofa and use objects to hide and tell them to find it.

Benefits: This activity helps in developing the baby’s fine motor skills. The object-finding activity also helps in cognitive development.


Kicking is a great activity to come with to your child. You can hold their feet and push them here and there. Soon they themselves start doing it. Then you can use a pillow or your hands and ask them to kick it. The kids love to be physically active in games.

Benefits: This activity builds up their physical skills and the bones start developing strength. 


Now if your baby toddler is all ready to move their steps ahead then you can try these simple sit-ups. You can hold their hands and make them sit half and then make them stand again.

With this simple activity, you can enjoy your hearts out. Watch them fall and stand and again sit and fall. They enjoy it a lot as they feel there is a center of attraction.

Benefits: This amazing game is a great exercise for their muscle building and that also improves their performance.


Hold your child up and leave them for a few seconds then catch them up. This is the babies’ favorite activity and they so much enjoy it that they will ask you to do it again and again.

You can also hold them through their hands place their feet in your feet and raise them up through the hands. The kids love it this way too.

Benefits: The babies look around in brighter ways and this helps in the body’s movement and stimulation.


Sixth-month babies are too good at seeing farther objects and when they see those shiny bouncy bubbles lurking around their head and nose, they get enchanted and it is super entertaining for them to keep looking at these bubbles.

You must have observed that the babies do not lose sight of those bubbles. So, blow them up and see the magic in your baby’s eyes.

Benefits: This game will surely improve your kids’ vision and concentration. Such playtime activities act as catalysts in the baby’s holistic development.

Final Words:

The baby’s childhood is the time when he forms his future personality, and the 6-month-old kid’s brain is the most active for learning and perceiving new things. Therefore it is very important that you start training and teaching your little one from his early days, and these 7 will help you do that.
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