Choosing Your Baby Nursery Design: Nursery Accent Wall Ideas

Choosing Your Baby Nursery Design Nursery Accent Wall Ideas

While preparing for your little one’s arrival, you are also preparing a space for them. One of the most interesting things to do while waiting for your new arrival, is spending time on their baby nursery design.

This process is different for every parent, but most of all, it is important to focus on creating a comforting and joyful space for you and you’re newborn to bond it.

If you are looking to spruce up your baby nursery design, then creating an accent wall in your nursery will be a shortcut to transforming the look of the entire space. Here are some nursery accent wall ideas that you can explore. However, be careful, as misguided choices could undermine your efforts.

First of all, think of the whole design of the nursery, choose one theme and stick to it, in order to avoid making something that is not cohesive. Start by picking which wall to accent in the room. This is the secret behind success in this strategy.

It should ideally be a wall without a door or a window, especially if you are looking to add a mural. Balance the color and design with existing features and planned furnishings. Your accent wall ideas should stand out and not be obscured.

How to choose the optimal nursery accent wall

How to choose the optimal nursery accent wall

As you are looking through all of these nursery accent wall ideas, you will see which ones appeal to you the most. Consider a few different ideas and pick the one that works for you and your taste the best. Don’t forget to choose a logical reason why you want to accent the wall of the nursery so that it doesn’t look too eclectic.

Start by choosing a theme for your baby room design. This is an excellent way to personalize the space. For example, you can paint your accent wall in a different color, such as pink or blue, if you are going for traditional while keeping the others white or grey.

If you want something neutral, then try a monochromatic color scheme. Or you can always choose an interesting wallpaper with a pattern. If you want something that is easy to add and remove, try decals. There are plenty of options out there that would appeal to every taste.

There is no need for painting at all if you do not feel like it. You can just set up a gallery wall in your baby nursery. Put up a few frames with anything from family photos and character pictures to inspirational prints, woodblock initials, and mirrors, and watch your baby nursery transform!

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