How Many Kids Does Shane Beamer Have?

How Many Kids Does Shane Beamer Have

Shane Beamer, an American college football coach and former player, has four children. He has two sons: Knox born in 2005 and Hayes born in 2010; as well as two daughters: Klayton born in 2007 and Ryleigh born in 2012. Shane is married to Jennifer Beamer who was his high school sweetheart.

They met at Virginia Tech when they were both attending the university together. The Beamers reside near Blacksburg, Virginia with their kids. All four of them are very active in sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball and lacrosse; while also participating in various church activities like mission trips or Bible study groups throughout their local community.

Shane Beamer, the current head coach of the Virginia Tech Hokies football team, is a proud father to three children. His oldest son, Jackson, is currently in high school and his two daughters are twins named Shealee and Shelby. Shane has spoken openly about how much he loves being a dad and cherishes every moment with his kids.

He often takes them out on trips to experience new places as well as attend various sporting events together.

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Shane Beamer Wife

Shane Beamer, the current head football coach at Virginia Tech, is married to Meghan Beamer. The couple has been together since their college days and were married in June of 2007. They have three children together: two sons named Jack and Wyatt, as well as a daughter named Isabella.

Shane and Meghan are both active in the Blacksburg community with their involvement in various charitable organizations such as Food for Families and The ARC of Montgomery County.

How Many Kids Does Shane Beamer Have?


How Much Does Shane Beamer Get Paid a Year?

Shane Beamer is the head football coach at South Carolina, and he reportedly earns a salary of $2.5 million per year plus incentives. This makes him one of the highest-paid coaches in college football today. Beamer’s debut season with the Gamecocks was an impressive one, as he led his team to an 8-4 record that included wins over rivals Tennessee and Florida.

His success on the field has earned him a well-deserved pay raise from South Carolina, which will undoubtedly help keep him motivated to continue building the program for years to come.

Does Shane Beamer Have a Dog?

Yes, Shane Beamer does have a dog. His beloved doggo is named Jack, and he’s a 7-year-old rescue mutt that loves to cuddle up with him for naps and enjoy regular walks with his dad. A native of Rock Hill, SC, Shane says he feels like the luckiest man alive being able to share life with such an amazing companion.

He often posts pictures of himself and Jack on social media wearing matching Clemson Tigers gear or spending time outdoors in nature together! It’s clear just by looking at the two of them that they are totally inseparable – it’s almost as if they were meant to be together all along!

Does Frank Beamer Have Kids?

Yes, Frank Beamer has two children: a son named Shane and a daughter named Casey. Shane is the oldest of the two and works as an assistant coach at Virginia Tech, following in his father’s footsteps. Meanwhile, Casey graduated from James Madison University and currently works in public relations for Virginia Tech Athletics.

Both children have been heavily involved with their father’s coaching career over the years; attending games to cheer on their dad’s team or helping out during practice sessions when they could spare some time away from school work or other commitments. On top of being devoted parents, Frank and his wife Cheryl also take great pride in being active members of the Blacksburg community; regularly attending events hosted by local charities or schools whenever possible. It’s clear that family is very important to them both, making it no surprise that they have such strong ties to each other even after many years together!

Who is Shane Beamer Married To?

Shane Beamer is married to Jennifer Beamer. The couple has been together since 2002 and they got married in 2004. They have two children, a daughter named Reagan and a son named Reece.

Shane Beamer is the current head coach of South Carolina Gamecocks football team, while his wife Jennifer works as an associate professor at the University of South Carolina’s College of Education. Together, the Beamers have created a loving home for their family to thrive in with strong foundations that promote education and hard work. Their devotion to each other and excellence in their respective fields make them role models for many couples across America who strive for success through dedication and perseverance.

Will Shane Beamer Get a Raise?

No, it is not known if Shane Beamer will get a raise. Shane Beamer has been the head coach of South Carolina’s football program since December 2020, and while he has made positive changes in his short tenure at the helm, it remains to be seen whether or not he will receive a raise in pay. While many fans are hopeful that Beamer can lead the team to success on the field this season and beyond, ultimately it will be up to university administrators to decide whether or not they believe he deserves an increase in salary.

In any case, with his passionate leadership style and impressive track record of coaching wins already under his belt, Coach Beamer certainly seems like someone who could benefit from some extra financial support. Time will tell if South Carolina decides to reward him for all his hard work with a well-deserved raise!


Shane Beamer is a successful college football coach and the son of legendary Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer. He has been married to his wife, Jennifer, for over 10 years and they have four children together: two daughters, Saylur and Sloane, as well as two sons, Tripp and Tyce. Shane’s family is an important part of his life, and he makes sure to spend quality time with them whenever possible.

From this blog post we can see that Shane Beamer is blessed with a loving family that includes four beautiful kids!

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