Hopelessness; How to Overcome It

How to Overcome of Hopelessness

Hopelessness is a horrid emotion; it isolates us from our family and friends and prevents us from taking part in any social activity we used to enjoy.

Negative thoughts overrule our life and we become lost.

The feeling of hopelessness is very common when you’re suffering from depression. It is a downhill spiral that can trap us, leaving us no ladder to climb back up.

Have there been times when you have just wanted to give up?

Surviving from morning to night is too much of a struggle?

Do negative thoughts rule your thinking?

Feel like your banging your head against a brick wall?

Wonder why the hell you bother?

Do you wonder why you’re even trying when you know it’s not going to work out anyway?

Can you imagine yourself ever being happy?

Are you stuck in a stale relationship and know it’s going nowhere?

Do you have a dream yet know it will never be yours?

Are you too ugly, too fat, and too stupid?

Do all your friends have perfect lives compared to yours?

You may well be experiencing hopelessness if you can answer yes to any of the above.

Hopelessness; the despair you feel when you have abandoned hope of comfort or success.

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When you feel hopeless you stop trying, you begin to believe the negative thoughts. Therefore you think the negative thoughts were right all along and become even more hopeless, yet you had never tried to prove them wrong.

It can be difficult challenging negative thoughts, yet this is the ultimate tool to use when feelings of hopelessness occur.

 “I can’t” needs to stop and replaced with “I am going to try”

I hear so many says “I have tried everything, it’s hopeless” There is no possible way you have tried “everything” and nothing is “hopeless”.

If the things you have tried have not worked then its time to look at other solutions.

What I do know is worrying, stressing, moaning and avoiding definitely does not work.

We spend so much time moaning about our problem or issue that we actually forget to do anything about it.

Hopelessness can be overcome but it takes time and dedication and a will to actually want to fight it. Learning to be positive in negative situations is the key to surviving.


If you are stuck in a dead end relationship and you know it’s over, and then accept it’s over. Stop banging your head against that brick wall. End it and move on.

So you may be living in a neighborhood you hate and your dream house is well out of your price range. Tough, either you go out and get a high-income job or marry a rich man or you shut up and put up and make small changes to better the situation.

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So your house is too small, look at areas of improvement you could make with storage. Are you getting the point? If there is nothing you can physically do to change a situation then adapt it to make it easier for you to contend with.

Your best friend has the latest designer jeans and there you are in your cheap £5 Primark ones that are ripped at the knees and you have had for years.

Your life is so crap and she has everything you don’t have.

Why is a simple pair of jeans so important to you? Do you really need these jeans? Have you not survived up until now without them?

There is always something you can do to better a situation, no matter how small.

It’s time to look at all the other changes you can make. What changes do you actually want to make? If you want something to change then you have to be ready and willing to make changes, not just sit and wish they would change.


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