Best Parental Control Apps to Use for Kids

Best Parental Control Apps to Use for Kids

Parents have a hard time balancing the work-life balance, so it becomes easy to just let the kids use digital devices more than the norm. With such a diverse variety of content available on social media and other sources, even the most vigilant parents can end up overlooking many things. 

While technology is now an integral part of the learning environment, hitting a monitored balance can be a challenge. This is where parental control apps come in. After all, you can only combat technology with technology. These apps are easy to use and only require a good internet connection. If you are looking, you can check out the affordable plans that Spectrum Internet has to offer for a fast, budget-friendly, and secure provider. 

These apps also help you supervise your child’s screen time and manage the content they watch.  Of course, like any technology, there are good and bad elements to this as well. 

In this post, we will give insight into the pros and cons of using these apps and highlight some popular ones that you can try out.


Recognized as one of the most complete parental control systems on the market, Qustodio is a host of advanced observing and filtering features aimed at perceptive parents.

Qustodio offers just about every feature a concerned parent could want, including web content filtering, strong app blocking, and a detailed activity log. It offers great monitoring, filtering, and time limits, has many other useful features, and is very easy to use. 

Microsoft Family Safety 

If you have an Xbox in your home, this app is necessary!

Like many screen time apps, Family Safety displays an activity log that shows how kids use screen time. It can track hours spent on devices including on PC, phones, and Xbox, as well as websites and apps. It can also display terms kids are looking for on the web. Parents can set screen time limits that apply across all devices, including Xbox. 

Additionally, if you’re a parent concerned about your teen’s driving, installing Microsoft Family Safety on their phone will let you see when they’re speeding, or even using their phone while driving. Talk about being an all-rounder!


Bark is different from most parental control apps: it invites parents to talk to their kids about how to stay safe online and relies more on trust than spying. This is also where screen time management comes in, so that screen time is managed after sleep, for example by stopping streaming and games. 

These limits can also be set during the school day to improve concentration. 

Features such as social media monitoring and location tracking require the child to be an active participant, rather than simply pushing data to the parent’s dashboard.


Kidslox works with a three-way mechanism. You can customize the app for each device and define which apps your child shouldn’t see. Compared to other apps, Kidslox is one of the cheapest and most user-friendly parental control apps. Parents can easily block access to web content.

The application is easy to use and does not require any special technical knowledge. The three-way link is a great way to download, sign up, and use the app frequently. You can choose the time and schedule for when your child can use the apps. This allows your child to use the device as long as you allow it. 


OurPact has always provided a great user interface and overall experience, and despite some feature changes, it still is.

This is one of those apps that allows you to keep track of all your family members. With OurPact, you don’t have to worry if you need to manage more than one device at the same time. With the premium version of this app, you can easily manage up to 20 devices. With this app, you can not only block specific apps but you can also set and configure rules for different apps. Moreover, you can easily create geo-fences around the locations you specify. This will alert you as soon as your child exceeds this limit.


The best part about this app is that Mobicip has deletion protection. So if set up correctly, your child won’t be able to bypass it or remove it from their devices. To do this, make sure that your child’s account on the device is a regular user account and does not have administrative access. 

Mobicip has a handy website blocker that will also help you make a more personal choice. For example, there is a feature that lets you block some streaming services and allow others, giving you similar control over certain games and apps that you want to restrict. It also includes some unique features such as disabling Mobicip if a child is using a specific IP address which is ideal when connected to a fishy network. 


As a parent, keeping your child safe in the digital world is a top priority. It’s harder than ever to monitor your child’s online behavior and protect them from potential dangers. These apps cater to different age groups and parenting issues. Whether you have young children just exploring the online world or teenagers looking for more freedom, you will find the right app for your family’s needs.

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