A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Detangle Your Wig

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Detangle Your Wig

Whether you wear your wig once a week or it’s an everyday routine, you should always look out for days that it would appear rough or even tangle in some cases. A tangled wig will surely ruin the day if you don’t know your way around how to detangle a wig. As a complete novice, detangling a wig may appear confusing, but a complete guide around it would definitely save you lots of time and stress.

Stick around, as this guide will provide a complete ‘how-to’ procedure on everything you need to know about detangling a wig, kindly ensure you don’t skip a step. But, to achieve this, it’s best to understand why wigs tangle in the first place.

Why Do Wigs Tangle?

  • Lack of proper care
  • Unhealthy storage environs
  • Poor material quality

Lack of Proper Care

Generally, lack of proper care results in a short lifespan of almost all material products. The same thing goes for wigs. Wigs are not meant to be disposed of immediately after use, therefore they should be given proper and healthy care immediately after use to prolong their longevity and prevent them from tangling. To achieve this, users should ensure they brush their wigs thoroughly after use and soak in warm water if time permits as this also goes a long way.

Unhealthy Storage Environs

To store your wig in an area with high temperatures is one of the worst things you can do to it. This will accelerate its deterioration in addition to ruining its appearance. Experts cautioned that wigs may tangle if exposed to warm, muggy, or hot environments.

Poor Material Quality

Wigs come in a variety of styles, including full lace, capless, synthetic, remy human hair, and lace front wigs. But the only method to find high-quality products is to search Google for the top models and read reliable reviews. You can also meet people who wear standard-style wigs by asking questions on Quora.

You know now what the main reasons are for a tangled wig. What happens if you become careless and it becomes tangled? Here is a list of reliable methods on detanglesynthetic wig.

Items Needed To Detangle A Wig

Before you detangle a wig, there are a few perquisites and items/tools needed to make the process thorough and vibrant. This will not only ease the process but also give the best results. Some of the items needed are:

  • A comb (fine-tooth/wide-tooth comb).
  • A detangling spray bottle
  • Wig stand or mannequin head
  •  Styling tools (for curling, rolling, or twisting)
  • A towel
  • T-pins

How To Detangle A Wig  (Full Guide)

Once all of the needed items listed above are provided. Now it is time to jerk into action. Kindly follow the step-by-step guide given below for the best results.

STEP 1: Position Your Wig On A Wig Stand

Placing your wigs on your tight is an outdated process if you want the best outcome. This is where your mannequin/wig stand and T-pins come into play. In this scenario, kindly place your wig on your wig stand and ensure the T-pins are holding the wigs firmly so you won’t have to bother about holding with one hand while the other is busy.

STEP 2: Divide The Wigs Into Sections

It would become more frustrating if you don’t separate your wig into sections. You can always couple it back when you are done. Dividing it into sections doesn’t mean you give it a total separation from the top band as some wigs may get damaged in the process

Depending on whether the wig is sewn together or not, always handle them with care. Separating them into two or four sections will always make the task easier.

STEP 3: Apply Detangling Spray on The Wig

Now, ensure you spray the wig thoroughly for effectiveness. A poorly sprayed wig will always give unpleasant results. Therefore, spray generously on the wig, this will make it moist and slippery so the wide-tooth comb can be used effectively on it. Additionally, spraying the wigs helps to soften the tangles so the process can become easier.

You can always buy your detangler spray from a local outlet. Ensure you check for originality and seek professional advice so you don’t spray too little or too much depending on the texture of the wig in question.

STEP 4: Detangling First With Your Fingers

Most people jump into ‘step 5’ which is to ‘detangle with a wide-tooth comb’. This can cause the tangles to dissolve or loosen. After applying the detangling spray, carefully look for tiny tangles that the comb can penetrate and use your fingers to detangle. Check carefully as they may be too hideous.

STEP 5: Detangle With a Wide-tooth Comb

This should be the easiest part. After carefully detangling with your fingers. Now use a Wide-tooth comb to detangle by brushing down the wig section by section. Remember, you must have separated them into about 2 or 4 sections depending on how wide the wig is. Ensure you brush it down repeatedly for several minutes. You can always spray it again for a more softened wig texture.

Leave each section when the comb brushes it down without an obstacle.

STEP 6:  Deep Wash Your Wig

This is when you get to wash off the detangling spray applied. Washing it off will not immediately restore the shiny look of the wig until after

STEP 7 ‘Dry Your Wig’ has been taken. But this will help to remove any slippery touch that the spray may have caused on the wig and begin to make it almost ready to use again.

STEP 7: Dry Your Wig

Hurray! You made it to the last part. Your wig is now looking almost brand new at this level. But ensure you dry your wig. You can always make use of a hair dryer and set the heat to minimal. Applying excessive heat temperature in an attempt to make it dry fast may not give the best results. So exercise patience and gently dry your wig in the best way you deem fit.

And in case, If your wig has been suffering from dryness and frizziness, be sure to follow different guide steps to revive dry and frizzy human hair wigs to bring back their lustrous shine and softness.


Lastly, to make all these worth it, kindly store your wig in a cool place such as a hair wardrobe where it will be safe from direct sunlight or dust as they may bring you down to detangling your wig again in a matter of days.

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