How To Say Happy Mother’S Day In Portuguese?

How To Say Happy Mother'S Day In Portuguese

Feliz Dia das Mães! This is the most common way to say “Happy Mother’s Day” in Portuguese. You can also use variations such as Boa Dia das Mães or Parabéns Dia das Mães.

If you want to add a little extra something special, you could also say Feliz e Abençoado Dia das Mães which translates literally to Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day. Another variation of this phrase is Melhor Dia Das Maes, which means Best Mother’s Day. Finally, if you want to make your greeting even more heartfelt, consider saying Querida Mamãe Que Deus Te Abençoe Hoje meaning Dear Mom May God Bless You Today!

Brazilian Portuguese Holidays – Mother’s Day

  • Step One: Greet your mom with the phrase “Feliz Dia das Mães!” which means “Happy Mother’s Day” in Portuguese
  • Step Two: Make sure to give your mom a big hug and kiss when you say it, as this is common practice in Portugal when giving someone a special greeting like this one
  • Step Three: You can also add an extra phrase like “Parabéns mamãe!” which means “Congratulations Mom!” This will show her how much you appreciate all that she does for you on Mother’s Day and throughout the year

How to Say Happy Mother’S Day in Portuguese Translation

Saying “Happy Mother’s Day” in Portuguese is relatively simple. The phrase translates to “Feliz Dia das Mães” and can be pronounced as “feh-lees jeeah dahs mah-ees”. To make your greeting even more special, you could add a few words of appreciation such as, “Muito obrigado por tudo o que você faz” which means “Thank you very much for all that you do”.

How To Say Happy Mother'S Day In Portuguese?


How Do You Say Happy Mother’S Day in Brazil?

The direct translation of Happy Mother’s Day in Brazilian Portuguese is “Feliz Dia das Mães”. This phrase holds a special meaning for Brazilians, who celebrate the holiday on the second Sunday in May with great joy and enthusiasm. Families come together to honor mothers across the country, sharing meals, exchanging gifts, and spending time together.

Traditionally, children make cards or drawings for their mothers to express their appreciation and love. Greeting one another by saying “Feliz Dia das Mães” is an important part of this day of celebration. For Brazilians around the world – whether they are celebrating with family at home or apart due to travel or other circumstances – it is a reminder that even when separated by distance our beloved ones remain close in our hearts and minds.

Do They Celebrate Mother’S Day in Portugal?

Yes, Mother’s Day is celebrated in Portugal on the first Sunday of May. Traditionally, Portuguese families gather together to celebrate mothers and appreciate their loving support throughout the year. Gifts are often given as a token of appreciation for all that mothers do for their children and family.

Families may also host a special meal or activity to honor the occasion. On this day, many churches will hold services specifically dedicated to celebrating motherhood, which usually include music, prayers, and readings from scripture about motherly love and care. Additionally, local businesses often offer discounts or sales around Mother’s Day as an incentive to show recognition towards moms across Portugal.

Do Brazilians Celebrate Mother’S Day?

Yes, Brazilians celebrate Mother’s Day each year on the second Sunday in May. Every year throughout Brazil families gather together to honor their mothers and show them appreciation for all that they do. People usually give their mothers small gifts like flowers or chocolates, and it is also a popular day for restaurants to offer special discounts or free meals.

There are even many churches that hold special services dedicated to mothers where people can pray for them and thank God for blessing them with such an important person in their lives. On this day of celebration, Brazilian families come together as one big family, honoring not just their own mother but all mothers around the world who have given so much love and care to those around them.

How Do You Say Happy Mother’S Day in Puerto Rican?

The exact answer is “Feliz Día de las Madres” in Puerto Rican. In Puerto Rico, Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the important women in our lives who have filled our hearts with love and support. On this day, families come together to honor their mothers by sharing thoughtful gifts, delicious meals, and heartfelt messages of appreciation.

To properly express your gratitude for all that she does, it’s essential to learn how to say “Happy Mother’s Day” in Spanish. In Puerto Rican culture, the traditional way of wishing your mother a happy day is saying “Feliz Día de las Madres” which translates directly as “Happy Mothers’ Day.


In conclusion, wishing someone a Happy Mother’s Day in Portuguese is an easy and thoughtful way to show appreciation for the special mother or mothers in your life. Whether you’re saying it for yourself or for someone else, knowing how to say “Happy Mother’s Day” in Portuguese will make the day even more meaningful and special.

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