Who Did Norm Macdonald Play In Fairly Odd Parents?

Norm Macdonald played the voice of Cosmo in Fairly Odd Parents.

Norm Macdonald played the character of Cosmo in the Nickelodeon animated series Fairly Odd Parents. The show ran from 2001 to 2017 and was about the adventures of a young boy named Timmy Turner who is granted fairy godparents who grant his every wish. Cosmo was one of those fairy godparents and was voiced by Norm Macdonald.

Who Did Norm Macdonald Play in Family Guy

Norm Macdonald played the role of Death in Family Guy. He has also played other roles in various episodes of the show.

How Did Norm Macdonald Die

It is with great sadness that we report the death of comedian Norm Macdonald. The cause of death has not been released, but it is believed to be natural causes. Norm Macdonald was a stand-up comedian and actor who got his start on Saturday Night Live.

He was best known for his roles in the films Dirty Work and Billy Madison. He also had a successful stand-up comedy career, releasing several comedy albums. Macdonald was beloved by many for his unique brand of humor.

He will be sorely missed.

Robert Cait

Robert Cait is a Canadian artist who specializes in painting and sculpture. He was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1948. He received his BFA from the University of Windsor in 1970 and his MFA from the University of Alberta in 1972.

Cait has exhibited his work extensively across Canada and the United States. His work is included in many public and private collections, including the Art Gallery of Hamilton, the McMaster Museum of Art, and the Toronto Public Library.

Norm Macdonald Fairly Oddparents Youtube

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about the Norm Macdonald Fairly Oddparents Youtube channel. This channel is run by none other than Norm Macdonald, and it’s full of videos of him playing the character Timmy Turner from The Fairly Oddparents.

In case you’re not familiar with The Fairly Oddparents, it’s a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon from 2001 to 2017. It follows the adventures of a young boy named Timmy Turner who is granted two fairy godparents who grant his every wish. Needless to say, hijinks ensue.

The Norm Macdonald Fairly Oddparents Youtube channel features videos of Norm playing Timmy in various scenarios, often with hilarious results. If you’re a fan of The Fairly Oddparents or if you just enjoy watching Norm Macdonald be funny, then this is definitely the channel for you!

Wanda And Cosmo

Wanda and Cosmo were married on July 13, 2013. They have been together for over 10 years and have two children together. Wanda is a stay-at-home mom and Cosmo is a stay-at-home dad.

They live in Los Angeles, California with their two dogs.

Who Did Norm Macdonald Play In Fairly Odd Parents?

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What Character Did Norm Macdonald Play on Fairly Odd Parents?

Norm MacDonald played the character of Cosmo on Fairly Odd Parents. He is the husband of Wanda and the father of Timmy. He is a fairy who granted Timmy’s wishes.

He is also a pretty big goofball who often gets himself into trouble.

Who Voiced the Genie in Fairly Odd Parents?

The voice of the genie in Fairly Odd Parents is actor Jay Leno. He has been the voice of the character since the show’s debut in 2001.

Is Fairly Oddparents Connected to Danny Phantom?

No, Fairly OddParents is not connected to Danny Phantom. They are both created by Butch Hartman, but they exist in separate universes.

Who is Timmy’S Wife?

As of now, we do not know who Timmy’s wife is. All we know is that she is a kind and caring woman who loves her husband very much. We also know that she is an amazing cook and often makes meals for her family and friends.

She is a strong woman who has been through a lot in her life, including the death of her first husband. Despite all of this, she remains positive and always puts others before herself.

Every “Fairly Odd” Adult Joke


In the early 2000s, Norm Macdonald voiced a character on the Nickelodeon show Fairly Odd Parents. He played Cosmo, one of the title characters’ fairy godparents. Cosmo was known for being accident-prone and not very smart, but he was also very kind-hearted.

Norm’s performance was well-loved by fans of the show, and he continued to voice the character for many years. Recently, however, it was announced that another actor would be taking over the role of Cosmo. While some fans are disappointed by this change, others are excited to see what the new actor will bring to the character.

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