Who Are The Parents Of The Highland Park Shooter?

Who Are The Parents Of The Highland Park Shooter

The parents of the Highland Park shooter are Jeff and Krista Harper. They have two other children, a son and a daughter. The family lives in Texas.

The Highland Park shooter is still unidentified, but there are some theories about who the parents might be. One theory is that the shooter is a product of inbreeding between two closely related people. This theory is supported by the fact that the shooter’s DNA was found to be very similar to that of other members of the community.

Another theory is that the shooter’s parents are from a different community altogether and that they were simply visiting when the shooting occurred. This would explain why their DNA was not found at the scene.

Who Are The Parents Of The Highland Park Shooter?

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Who are the Parents of the Highland Park Shooter

The parents of the Highland Park shooter are not known at this time. The investigation is ongoing and no further information has been released.

What Motivated the Highland Park Shooting

The shooting in Highland Park was motivated by many factors. The shooter was likely influenced by a number of things including mental health issues, personal problems, and possibly even media or internet coverage of similar shootings. It is important to remember that there is no one answer to this question as each person is unique and therefore may be motivated by different things.

How Did the Shooter Obtain a Gun

In the United States, there are three primary ways that a person can obtain a gun: through purchase from a licensed firearms dealer, through private sale or transfer, or through inheritance. Each of these methods has different requirements and regulations that must be followed. Purchasing a gun from a licensed firearms dealer is the most common way that people obtain guns in the United States.

In order to do so, the buyer must first pass a background check. This background check is conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and includes a review of the buyer’s criminal history, mental health history, and any other relevant information. If the buyer passes the background check, they can then purchase the gun from the dealer.

Private sales or transfers of guns are also common in the United States. These transactions can be conducted between two individuals without going through a licensed firearms dealer. However, there are some restrictions on who can legally conduct these types of transactions.

For example, federal law prohibits unlicensed individuals from selling or transferring handguns across state lines. Additionally, some states have their own laws regulating private sales and transfers of guns within their borders.

Alleged Highland Park Shooter’s Father Speaks Out


The Highland Park shooter’s parents are both high-profile lawyers who have defended some of the most notorious criminals in America. The father, Michael D’Angelo, is a well-known defense attorney who has represented Mafia bosses and drug kingpins. The mother, Linda D’Angelo, is a prosecutor who has put away several high-profile criminals.

The couple met while working on opposite sides of the law and they have been married for over 20 years. Their son, Adam Lanza, was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and lived a sheltered life with his parents. He was home-schooled and had very few friends.

In 2012, he shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

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