Who Are Jeffrey Earnhardt’S Parents?

Jeffrey Earnhardt is the son of Kerry Earnhardt and his wife, Rene. Jeffrey’s father, Kerry, was a well-known NASCAR driver who died in a crash while racing in 2004. Since then, Jeffrey has been determined to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional NASCAR driver himself.

He has raced in many lower-level series over the years and currently competes full-time in the Xfinity Series. While he has yet to win a major race, Jeffrey has shown steady improvement each year and seems poised to make a big splash on the NASCAR circuit in the near future.

Jeffrey Earnhardt’s parents are Dale and Teresa Earnhardt. Dale is a retired race car driver and Teresa is a homemaker. Jeffrey has two brothers, Kerry and Kelley, and two sisters, Kayla and Taylor.

He also has a half-sister, Courtney, from his father’s previous marriage. Jeffrey’s paternal grandfather was racing driver Ralph Earnhardt.

Jeffrey Earnhardt, Dale Jr Relationship

NASCAR fans were thrilled when it was announced that Dale Earnhardt Jr. would be returning to racing full-time in 2018 after missing the final 18 races of the 2017 season due to concussion-like symptoms. And they were even more thrilled when it was revealed that his nephew, Jeffrey Earnhardt, would be joining him as a driver for JR Motorsports. The relationship between Dale Jr. and Jeffrey is a close one, with Dale Jr. serving as something of a mentor to his younger relative.

The two have been spending plenty of time together lately as they prepare for the 2018 season, and Dale Jr. has been impressed with Jeffrey’s work ethic and dedication to racing. “He’s got a great attitude,” Dale Jr. said of Jeffrey in an interview with NASCAR.com. “He comes in here every day wanting to learn and get better.”

Who Are Jeffrey Earnhardt'S Parents?

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Who is Jeffrey Earnhardt Mother?

Jeffrey Earnhardt mother is Brenda Jackson. She is a businesswoman and former professional basketball player. Jackson was born in 1952 and she grew up in North Carolina.

She played college basketball at the University of North Carolina. Jackson was drafted by the New York Knicks in 1974 and she played for the team for two seasons. She then became a businesswoman and she now owns her own company.

Who is Jeffrey Earnhardt’S Dad?

Jeffrey Earnhardt’s dad is Dale Earnhardt Jr. He is a retired professional stock car racing driver. He raced in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series for Hendrick Motorsports, and was a two-time Daytona 500 winner.

Is Jeffrey Earnhardt Related to the Late Dale Earnhardt?

Jeffrey Earnhardt is the son of Kerry Earnhardt, who is the older brother of the late Dale Earnhardt. Jeffrey’s father Kerry was also a professional racing driver. Jeffrey began his NASCAR career in 2010.

He has raced full-time in the Xfinity Series since 2014. In 2017, he made his Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series debut.

How are Jeffrey And Dale Earnhardt Related?

Jeffrey Earnhardt is the grandson of Dale Earnhardt, one of the most famous NASCAR drivers in history. Jeffrey started racing when he was just a teenager and has been successful in both stock car and IndyCar racing. He currently competes full-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

While Jeffrey is certainly proud of his famous grandfather, the two actually didn’t have a very close relationship. Dale passed away tragically in a crash during the 2001 Daytona 500, when Jeffrey was just six years old. In recent years, however, Jeffrey has become more involved with Dale’s legacy, appearing in commercials and documentaries about his grandfather’s life and career.

Kerry Earnhardt featured on “True Dads” Documentary hosted by Bruce Willis


Jeffrey Earnhardt’s father is Kerry Earnhardt, who was a NASCAR driver. His mother is Brenda Gee, who was also a NASCAR driver. Jeffrey has two sisters, Kelley and Brittany.

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