Why Use a Baby Carrier?

Use Baby Carrier

These days a lot of parents buy a baby carrier for the baby. Right now a baby carrier is one of the most used and hottest when it comes to baby items. It’s used to carry your child around in a healthy way, and often it’s much easier to use than a big baby stroller.

A baby carrier can’t really replace the traditional stroller but it’s a great addition to a baby stroller. You can easily use it, many places where a stroller isn’t optimal, like in a crowded bus or in some rough terrain when out walking. But the best place to use a carrier is actually at your home.

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As a mother, you know how hard it sometimes is to get any work done at your home with a crying baby. When you carry a child in a baby sling or carrier, it’s often a lot more relaxed since it’s comfortable resting and it’s close to its mum. And the best part, you got both your arms free to do all the work you need to do and with a quiet baby too.


There are basically 3 types of carriers for babies. The traditional baby carrier from popular brands like ErgoBaby, BabyBob, Bæreseler, and Najell. Then we have the baby sling which is a more primitive type of baby carrier, but for much more comfortable to use when the baby is small.

Here you find brands like Caboo, Babyslynge, and Nonomo. The third type of carrier is the baby stretch wrap which is basically a piece of cloth you wrap around yourself and your baby. It can be a bit harder to use, but when you do get used to it, it’s really comfortable to wear.

Both for the mother and for the baby. Known brands are ErgoBaby, Strækvikle, and Je Porte Mon Bébé. See more examples of high-quality baby carriers here at BabyBob I would typically recommend using a good quality stretch wrap the first few months after the baby is born, and later on, invest in a traditional baby carrier like this one here.

Advantages when using a Baby Carrier or Sling

There are a lot of good reasons why you should use a carrier for your child instead of a baby stroller. For small babies, it’s important to be close to their parents. This will help with the whole bonding process and make the child feel more secure. Research has also shown that children in countries where they use baby carriers a lot, typically cry less.

You probably know that when you a carrying a baby close to you in your arms, he or she is often more quiet and relaxed. You will get the same advantage when using a baby carrier, sling or wrap. But at the same time, you got your hands free to do all the stuff you need to do.

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This is a huge advantage when cooking, cleaning or fixing a broken shelf. Now you can do all of that while carrying your child. A third advantage of using these types of products are that many of the carriers the baby in the Frog- or M position, which is less the same way the baby was placed in its mother’s belly.

This is a really good way to carry the child, as there is much less pressure on its head and back, compared to when it’s resting in a baby bed or cradle. 

Most people who have used a baby carrier for their first kids are often so impressed with it, that they also use one for their next one.


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