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How to Throw a Virtual Kids Birthday Party During & After the Pandemic

How to Throw a Virtual Kids Birthday Party

Covid 19 pandemic came with social distancing rules which have made it difficult to do the normal birthday parties we are used to. Before the pandemic, you would invite many kids and family members to celebrate your kid’s birthday since this cannot happen now; thanks to the internet, you can throw a virtual birthday party and still create memories for your baby.

In case you are wondering, these are some of the ways you can throw a virtual kids birthday party during and after the pandemic.

Live Stream

Plan your kid’s birthday as usual, and the only difference is that you will not be inviting friends over to your house to celebrate the birthday. Decorate the house with balloons, hanging banners, and party décor to give it a birthday vibe.

Send invites and sweet boxes to the parents of your child’s friends and other family members through a Facebook group invite where everyone invited can live stream the occasion on Facebook or YouTube. Participants will watch the event together as your baby cuts the cake and opens gifts.

Here is the recommended Live stream platform PaintandSipLIVE.com and it comes with a Live art instructor and a Live DJ, both trained to engage with kids. Private parties cost $49 per kid and include shipping a full painting kit of brushes, paint, and canvas. The minimum guest count is ten kids, who only need to log into Zoom to get the party started.

Host the Part Via Zoom

Apps like zoom, FaceTime, and google hangouts are great options to gather kids together in a virtual space. The biggest challenge is what kids will do once they are gathered there. To make your child’s birthday party more special and fun, you can look for companies that offer virtual birthday parties like Sky Zone.

These companies host a party for up to 10 guests and lead kids to fun activities like games, daces, and eventually sing a happy birthday song while cutting the cake.

Parents will forward a digital invite to the kid’s friends’ parents and family, where everyone will join the virtual party via zoom on the day of the event. Working with such companies saves you the hassle of organizing the birthday event because they plan for you and make it more fun.

Live Stream a Birthday Parade

Drive-by birthday parties have been the biggest trend during the pandemic. Please live stream the whole event for people who will not make it to attend the drive-by.

Ask the attendees to drive by your home with their cars decorated with balloons, streamers, and signs the drive while honking and offering well-wishes to your kid at a designated time.

Decorate the lawns with birthday messages and signs to make your kid feel more special. Don’t fail to throw your kid a birthday party in the excuse of the pandemic.

With the internet’s help, you can hold a birthday party virtually via Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Google Hangouts, and Facetime. These apps will gather kids together to have fun activities like dancing, cooking, painting, and other fun activities.

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