How To Say Mother In Tagalog?

How To Say Mother In Tagalog

Mother in Tagalog is “Ina” (pronounced ee-na). It can also be used as a term of endearment, such as “mahal na ina” which means beloved mother. To say hello to your mother you can use “Kumusta Inang Mahal?” which translates to “How are you Beloved Mother?”

You can also say goodbye with the phrase “Paalam Inang Mahal!” meaning “Goodbye Beloved Mother!” If you want to show appreciation for your mother’s love and care, you could use the phrase “Maraming Salamat sa iyong Pagmamahal at Paggabay, Inang Mahal!” meaning “Thank you very much for your Love and Guidance, Beloved Mother!”.

Learn Tagalog: Saying Mom And Dad in Tagalog

  • The word for mother in Tagalog is Nanay
  • To say it simply, you can use the phrase “Nanay ko,” which means “my mother
  • If you want to be a bit more formal or poetic, you can use the phrase “Aking Ina,” which translates to “My Mother
  • You may also hear people say the term “Inang Bayan” as an expression of love and respect for mothers everywhere

How to Say Dad in Tagalog

Dad in Tagalog is “Tatay”, pronounced “tah-tie”. It’s the same word used to refer to an older man that isn’t related, so it can also be used as a term of respect. Tatay literally translates to ‘father’, and this term is most commonly used when addressing someone else’s father or your own.

How To Say Mother In Tagalog?


What’S the Filipino Word for Mother?

The Filipino word for mother is “inay”. In the Philippines, mothers are celebrated and honored not only on Mothers’ Day but throughout the year. They are often seen as symbolizing strength, love, and security in a family.

From birth to adulthood, they provide unconditional support and guidance to their children. This can be seen through traditional Filipino culture–from songs that celebrate mothers to rituals that honor them during special occasions like weddings or graduations. Consequently, it’s no surprise that Filipinos have such an affectionate term of endearment for their beloved mothers: inay.

What is Mother in Tagalog Nanay?

Nanay is the Tagalog word for mother. Nanay is a term of respect and love that Filipinos use to refer to their mothers, grandmothers and other female elders in the family. It carries an emotional weight, as it acknowledges not only the physical care and nurture provided by mothers but also their unconditional love and support.

In Filipino culture, mothers are revered and seen as figureheads of strength who provide wisdom, guidance, and compassion throughout life’s obstacles. For many Filipinos living both in the Philippines or abroad, Nanay will always be one of their most cherished words.


In conclusion, Tagalog is a beautiful and intricate language with many dialects. It has its own unique way of saying ‘mother’ which can be expressed as either ‘nanay’ or ‘inay’ depending on the region. By understanding these two words you will now be able to communicate more effectively with Filipino speakers and understand the importance of motherhood in their culture.

Whatever word you choose to use, it will undoubtedly bring joy and appreciation from any Filipino speaker that you are lucky enough to meet!

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