How To Attract Luna Moths?

How To Attract Luna Moths

Luna Moths can be attracted to your yard by providing the right habitat for them. Planting native trees and shrubs that provide nectar, such as sweet gum, oak and tulip poplar, will attract Luna Moths. Placing a shallow dish of overripe fruit near host plants may also help draw in moths.

Additionally, leaving some areas of your yard uncultivated with long grasses or weeds can give Luna Moth larvae places to hide from predators while they are feeding on leaves. Another great way to attract Luna Moths is by installing artificial lights at night; the bright light will bring them out looking for mates. Lastly, you can purchase moth traps online that contain pheromone lures which are specifically formulated to attract adult male moths only since females cannot fly far distances due to their large wingspan.

Luna Moth: EASY Breeding method. Luna moths (Actias luna) in MothCycles

  • Plant luna moth-friendly trees: Luna moths are attracted to a variety of deciduous trees, such as white birches, tulip poplars and walnut trees
  • Planting these types of trees in your garden or yard will give the moths a space to lay eggs and feed on their leaves
  • Create nighttime lighting: Luna moths are drawn to light sources at night, so installing outdoor lights may help attract them to your property
  • Use yellow or sodium vapor bulbs instead of bright white lights since they’re less disruptive for the nocturnal insects
  • Place pheromone traps: Pheromone traps often use scents similar to those produced by female moths in order to lure males into an enclosed space where they can be collected safely and released elsewhere if necessary
  • This is an easy way to monitor populations while also helping preserve the local ecosystem without introducing any foreign elements that could disrupt it further down the road
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  • Maintain moist conditions: Moisture is important for luna moth larvae as they feed on plant foliage during their development cycle before transforming into pupae and eventually adult specimens capable of flying away from their birthplace in search of food sources (nectar)
  • Ensure nearby shrubs and grasses don’t dry out too much during hot summer months by providing enough water regularly throughout this season

Luna Moth Eggs for Sale

Luna moth eggs for sale are a great way to get started with raising these beautiful moths. The eggs can be purchased online and shipped directly to you, making it easy and convenient to start your own Luna moth colony. With proper care, the hatchlings should emerge in 8-10 days after being laid, allowing you to observe the entire life cycle of this majestic species.

How To Attract Luna Moths?


What are Luna Moths Attracted To?

Luna moths are attracted to light, such as the glow of street lamps and porch lights. They use this light source to help them find food sources, mates, and shelter at night. In addition to being drawn in by light, luna moths also depend on certain plants for survival.

The larvae of the moth feed exclusively on leaves from trees like walnut, hickory, sumac and sweetgum—all members of the Juglandaceae family. Adult luna moths also need these plants for sustenance; they sip nectar from their flowers during the day before returning to roost at night near a bright source of illumination.

What Flowers Attract Luna Moths?

Answer: Flowers that attract luna moths include honeysuckle, jasmine, lilac, and moonflower. Luna moths are some of the most beautiful insects in nature with their soft green wings and pale yellow body. As one of the few night-flying moths, these creatures add a special element to any garden or outdoor space.

To make sure your garden is attracting them, you should plant flowers that they love such as honeysuckle, jasmine, lilac and moonflowers. These fragrant blooms will not only provide an attractive source of nectar for luna moths but also fill the air with delightful aromas while providing much needed habitats for other pollinators like bees and butterflies. By opting to plant these flowers in your yard or garden you can ensure that you’ll be seeing more of these graceful beauties!

Is It Rare to See a Luna Moth?

Yes, it is rare to see a luna moth. Luna moths are rarely seen due to their short lifespan and the fact that they fly only at night. They tend to live in wooded areas, so if you want a chance of seeing one, it’s best to visit such an area during the spring or summer months.

Even then, sightings may be hard to come by because these moths avoid any kind of artificial light and tend to remain hidden away until darkness falls upon them. It can be quite exciting when you do stumble across one of these beautiful creatures as they flutter around in search for nectar-rich flowers under the moonlight!

What is the Best Way to Find a Luna Moth?

The best way to find a luna moth is to look for them at night, when they are most active. To increase your chances of finding one, it is important to search in areas with plenty of trees and shrubs that provide the luna moths with food sources like tree sap or rotting fruit. Additionally, you should keep an eye out around lights as some moths may be attracted to artificial light sources.

Finally, if all else fails, consider setting up bait traps using sugary substances as lure; this can help attract moths from nearby areas and give you a better chance of seeing one. When searching for luna moths it’s important to remember that these beautiful creatures are nocturnal and usually quite elusive during the day time hours. But by taking the time to visit wooded areas with lots of trees and plants providing food sources such as rotting fruits or tree sap, along with keeping an eye out near any artificial light source like street lamps or porch lights in the evening hours can greatly increase your chances of finding a Luna Moth!

And lastly if all else fails consider setting up bait traps using sugary substances as lure which can draw them in from other nearby areas giving you yet another opportunity at catching sight of these majestic species!


In conclusion, luna moths are beautiful and captivating creatures that can be attracted to your yard by providing the right habitat. By planting native host plants such as white birch, cherry trees, hickory trees and sweet gum trees, you will create a welcoming environment for these moths. Additionally, turning off all unnecessary lights at night will provide an ideal atmosphere for them to visit.

With some patience and persistence you’ll be able to witness these ethereal insects in their natural habitat!

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