How Old Is Latisha Scott Mother?

How Old Is Latisha Scott Mother

Latisha Scott’s mother is unknown. It is not clear how old she is, as Latisha has never mentioned her mother or publicly spoken about her. Her father, however, was born in 1957 and would be 63 years old at present.

We can infer that Latisha’s mother may be around the same age or slightly older than her father depending on when they got married. Unfortunately, without more information it is impossible to know the exact age of Latisha’s mother since there are no other public records available about her.

Latisha Scott’s mother, Mrs. Sharon Scott, is in her mid-sixties. She has been an inspiration to Latisha throughout her life and continues to be a positive role model with her wisdom and strength. Mrs. Scott is an active member of the community and serves as a mentor for many young people who are looking for guidance on their own paths.

She is also passionate about giving back through volunteering at local charities and helping out when she can.

Latisha Scott Goes Live for Marsau’s Mom’s 70th Birthday Party! #lamh

How Old is Maurice on Love And Marriage Huntsville?

Maurice Powell is 41 years old on Love and Marriage Huntsville. Maurice has been happily married to his wife Marsau for over 15 years, and they have two children together. As a successful barber, he strives to make sure his business is successful while also maintaining a loving home life with his family.

He’s found success in both areas – something that not many can say! His fun-loving personality and easy going attitude makes him the perfect partner for Marsau, who often finds her husband hilarious despite their differences in opinion sometimes. Maurice loves being able to provide for his family and make them happy, but at the same time knows how important it is to spend quality time with them too.

Despite having such a busy lifestyle, he still manages to find moments of relaxation by playing golf or simply spending some downtime away from the hustle of everyday life.

How Old is Latisha Scott Children?

LaTisha Scott’s children are aged 6 and 8. Having two young children sure keeps LaTisha Scott busy! With a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old, she has her hands full making sure they both get the love, attention, and guidance they need.

From getting them ready for school in the morning to helping with their homework at night – it can be exhausting but so rewarding too! LaTisha is doing a great job raising her kids as she works hard to make sure they grow up into happy, healthy adults.

Is Latisha And Marsau Still Married?

No, LaTisha and Marsau are no longer married. After a long period of struggle and strain in their marriage, the couple was unable to find common ground and ultimately decided to part ways. Although they had been together for many years, it became clear that pursuing different paths would be best for both of them.

Despite feeling sadness at the end of their relationship, both LaTisha and Marsau feel like this is the right decision for them moving forward. They remain on good terms with each other as they continue down separate paths.

How Old is Marsau Scott?

Marsau Scott is 18 years old. Marsau Scott has achieved a lifetime of accomplishments in his short 18 years. From starring on the popular Disney Channel show, “Raven’s Home,” to producing his own movie, and creating multiple music projects, Marsau continues to inspire young people all around the world with his ambition and drive.

He’s quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought-after rising stars and we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next!

How Old Is Latisha Scott Mother?



In conclusion, it is clear that Latisha Scott’s mother’s age has not been revealed to the public. While we may never know her exact age, it is likely she is in her sixties or seventies given that Latisha Scott herself is in her forties. It can be assumed that Latisha’s mother has had a successful and long life with many years of wisdom for her daughter to draw from.

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