How Old Are Karey Burkes Kids?

How Old Are Karey Burkes Kids

Karey Burke has two children with her husband, producer and writer Andrew Tennenbaum. Her daughter is named Talulah Tennenbaum, born in December 2011. Her son’s name is Caspian Tennenbaum, born in October 2013.

Both of their ages are currently 8 and 6 years old respectively. As of 2021, Karey Burke’s kids are both still quite young and have many years ahead of them to grow up and learn about the world around them. It will be exciting to watch them as they continue to explore new experiences and develop into who they will become!

Karey Burke is the new president of ABC Entertainment and mother of 3 children. Her eldest child, daughter Ava Burke, is 18 years old and her twin sons are 14 years old. Karey is a busy mom who balances working as an executive at one of the major networks with managing her household and raising her kids.

She’s no stranger to multitasking!

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How Old Are Karey Burkes Kids?



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How Many Children Does Karey Burke Have

Karey Burke has two children, a daughter and son. She is very vocal about her love for them and constantly expresses gratitude to have such wonderful kids in her life. As the president of ABC Entertainment, she juggles both motherhood and a successful career with grace.

Despite having a grueling schedule at work, Karey makes sure that she prioritizes spending quality time with her family whenever possible. Whether it’s attending their sporting events or just having dinner together as a family, Karey always puts being there for her kids first when she can. Her dedication to loving them unconditionally and providing them with everything they need is an admirable quality of hers that many people look up to.

Karey Burke Has Two Children

Karey Burke is a successful television executive who is best known for her position as President of ABC Entertainment. She has two children, both boys, who are in their early teens and attend private school near her home in Los Angeles. As a mother and an executive, Karey works hard to juggle the many demands on her time while still making sure that she finds quality family time with her sons.

Despite having a busy work schedule, Burkes makes it a priority to attend all of her sons’ sporting events and performances at school whenever possible so she can show them how important they are to her. Not only does this demonstrate how much she values being present for them but also sets an example for other parents across America about the importance of spending quality time with your children despite modern day pressures from work or other activities.


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What are the Ages of Karey Burke’S Kids

Karey Burke’s children are twins, one boy named Rafi, born in 2009 and one girl named Stella, born in 2011. This makes Rafi 11 years old and Stella 9 years old as of 2020. Karey Burke is a proud mother to her two young children – twin son Rafi and daughter Stella.

Despite their young age, the siblings have already made their mark on the world by inspiring their mom with their intelligence and wit every day. From playing together in the park to learning about the world around them at school or home – Karey enjoys watching her kids grow up and take on new challenges each day!

Her Oldest Child is 11 Years Old And Her Youngest Child is 8 Years Old

Exact Answer: Her oldest child is 11 years old and her youngest child is 8 years old. Blog Post Paragraph: With three children under the age of 12, this mother’s life must be full of energy, love and laughter. Her oldest has just entered their pre-teen years at 11, while her youngest is now in third grade at 8.

Watching these kids grow up so quickly can be bittersweet for any parent, but there are also plenty of exciting milestones to look forward to as they get older. From teaching them how to drive to sending them off on their first solo vacation, this mom will experience some truly unique moments with her young family over the coming years.


In conclusion, Karey Burke’s children are comprised of a daughter and two sons. Her eldest son is 24-years old and her middle child is 19-years old while her youngest son is 14-years old. The three of them have been seen out together in public with their mother, showing that they all share a close bond.

Despite the age gap between the siblings, they appear to get along very well and make their mother proud.

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