Combi Twin Sport 2 Side by Side Double Stroller

Double Stroller

The Combi Twin Sport is really the first double baby stroller I have ever purchased so I might be biased in my review. Since our second daughter came along we felt it was time to move from our single umbrella up to a bigger stroller that could fit both girls.

I also wanted something that was light since I would be putting it in and out of my car each day. It works great and it has to be one of the lightest sides by side strollers you can find. It only feels a little heavier than our older single which was light itself.

Some of the things I like about it: it easily fits through normal doorways or pretty much anywhere a wheelchair can go, it is very lightweight, it’s very easy to recline both seats for those quick power naps, and it folds up very compactly.

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Combi states that it has a 3-second folding system and I believe them, it’s simple and fast. My little ones also seem very comfortable in the seats whether they are upright or reclined back.

Combi Twin Sport 2 Side by Side Double Stroller

There are a couple of things I don’t really care for on the Twin Sport though. These include: no parent cupholders (I’m a coffee lover), smallish storage baskets are hard to reach unless the seats are upright, and the sun canopies are kinda flimsy and don’t seem to have as much coverage as they could. I added an aftermarket sunshade for this and that did the trick but I had to spend extra money.

Overall I give the Combi Twin Sport 4 stars because I do really like it and will use it until my babies are out of the stroller. I had to knock it down a little on the rating because there are a few things that can be improved but overall it’s a good choice for the price.


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