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What’s the big deal with a wearable breast pump?

wearable breast pump

With the Amana breast pump, moms no longer have to compromise their time, comfort or milk supply.  The innovative wearable & wireless breast pump puts moms in control of their pumping schedule. Mums can now pump on the go, at meetings, at dinner, whilst changing baby nappies and everything in between.

The Amaia breast pump is a portable, hands free and cordless pump with ultra silent vibration; meaning mums no longer have to be stuck to a rigid schedule or have their hands tied to bottles.

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Pumping has never been easier, its 2020, and breastfeeding has stepped up its game. The Amaia breast pump is easy to set up and clean, with only 5 parts to wash. All parts are machine washable.  Pop the pump inside your bra (attach the bra adjuster, if needed), turn it on and watch the pump do its magic, completely hands free.

No wires, no cords, no danglings bottles & certainly no fuss!

breast pump

You can track how long you’ve been pumping and record the volume of milk for your records. What could be better? Self cleaning house!!!

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There are two modes, suction & massage -with 5 intensity levels, which are designed to mimic a baby sucking. The silicone shield is gentle on the skin, making it easy to pump. The pump automatically switches from massage mode to suction and shuts down after 20mins. This is a safety net to prevent mum from continually pumping without a break.

big deal with a wearable breast pump

Amaia is here to make mum’s life easier, it has revolutionized breast pumps- be in control of your nursing journey.

*available in peach, white & mint green colour

For more information visit www.amaialove.com


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