How To Say Happy Mother’S Day In Russian?

How To Say Happy Mother'S Day In Russian?

Happy Mother’s Day in Russian is translated as “S Novim Godom, Matushka!” This phrase literally translates to “Happy New Year, Momma!” In Russia, the traditional way of saying “I love you” to a mother or grandmother is by wishing them a happy new year.

You can also say “Pozdravlyayu s Dnyom Materi!” which means “Congratulations on Mother’s Day!” To make sure your message stands out from all the others, add an affectionate nickname like “Mamochka,” meaning little mommy. Additionally, you can opt for more poetic phrases such as: “K tebe letit shag krylatyj vnuk zolotoy!” (“Your golden grandchild flies with wings towards you”).

  • 1) To say “Happy Mother’s Day!” in Russian, simply say Счастливого дня матери (schastlivovo dnya materi)
  • This phrase translates to “Happy Mother’s Day!” 2) If you are looking for a formal way of expressing your wishes on the day, you can use the phrase: Поздравляю со Днем Матери (pozdravlyayu so Dnem Materi)
  • This means “Congratulations on Mother’s Day
  • ” 3) For an informal greeting, try saying: Cпaсибo,мama!(Spasibo mama!) which translates to ‘Thank you Mom!’ This is a great way to express your appreciation and gratitude towards your mother

Happy Mother’s Day in Russian translation | How to say Happy Mother’s Day in Russian language

How Do You Say Happy Mothers Day in Russian Language?

The exact answer to the question “How do you say happy mothers day in Russian language?” is: С Днем Матери! (S Dnyom Matyeri!). Mother’s Day is a special occasion celebrated worldwide, and Russia is no exception.

While this holiday may have different customs depending on the culture, expressing appreciation for one’s mother remains an integral part of it all. In Russia, Mother’s Day has been celebrated since 1998 and there are myriad ways of conveying well wishes – from giving flowers or cards to making traditional dishes or simply saying “Happy Mother’s Day” in Russian.

What is the Best Way to Say Happy Mother’S Day?

The best way to say Happy Mother’s Day is by expressing your sincere gratitude and love for the special woman in your life. A simple, heartfelt card or gift will do wonders; even a simple phone call or video chat can be an incredibly meaningful gesture of appreciation and affection. For those who are able to spend time with their mothers on this day, it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity for quality time together and make her feel extra-special with thoughtful gestures like breakfast in bed, a homemade brunch, going out for lunch/dinner/drinks at one of her favorite places, giving her a massage or facial treatment – whatever will show how much you care!

No matter what form it takes, expressing your love and appreciation on Mother’s Day is sure to bring joy into any mom’s heart.

How Do Russians Address Their Mothers?

Russians typically address their mothers using the formal word for “mother,” which is мама (mama). In more informal settings, Russians may use affectionate nicknames such as мамуля (mamulya) or мамочка (mamochka). These terms of endearment are used to express love and respect for one’s mother.

For example, if a Russian child wants to show appreciation toward their mother they might say something like “Спасибо, мой родной мамуля” meaning “Thank you my dear mamulya.” This small gesture helps create an atmosphere of warmth and closeness between mother and child while also expressing appreciation and admiration.

Do Russians Say Mum Or Mom?

In Russia, the word for “mom” is “мама,” pronounced “mah-MAH.” This is a common term of endearment used in many Russian households and has been for centuries. While some Russians may use the English word “mom” or “mum” (particularly those who have lived abroad), it is not as widely accepted as using the original Russian term.

In fact, when addressing one’s mother directly, most people will opt to say “мама” rather than an English equivalent. It is considered polite and respectful to do so, particularly among older generations. As such, it can be said that while both terms are acceptable in certain contexts, the preferred way of referring to one’s mother in Russia would be by saying “мама.

How To Say Happy Mother'S Day In Russian?


How to Say Happy Mother’S Day in Russian Text

If you want to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day in Russian, you can say “С Днём Матери!” (pronounced as s dyom matyery). This phrase translates directly to mean “Happy Mother’s Day” and is the perfect way to show your appreciation for all she has done. Additionally, if you would like to add a more personalized touch, you could use this phrase followed by her name, such as “С Днём Матери, Оля!” (s dyom matyery Olya!).


In conclusion, it is evident that expressing your love and appreciation for your mother in her native language can be a very meaningful way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Whether you are fluent in Russian or just starting out, wishing a “Happy Mother’s Day” in Russian will surely bring joy to your mom and make the day extra special.

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