How To Say Happy Mother’S Day In Hawaiian?

How To Say Happy Mother'S Day In Hawaiian

In Hawaiian, you can say “Aloha Ka hanau Momona” to wish someone a Happy Mother’s Day. This phrase literally translates to “Happy Birthday, Beautiful Mother.” Another way to say it is “Maluhia me ke aloha no ka hanau momona,” which means “Peace and love on the birth of a beautiful mother.”

You can also use the Hawaiian word for mother, which is makuahine. So you could also say something like “Hau’oli Lā Hānau Makuakane e!” or “Happy Mother’s Day to our beloved mothers!”. Either way, your special message will be sure to make any makuahine feel extra loved this year!

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  • First, say “Aloha makou i ka Makahiki Hou” which means “Happy New Year” in Hawaiian
  • This is a traditional way to greet someone in the Hawaiian language and can be used as an alternative greeting to Happy Mother’s Day
  • Then, say ” Hau’oli La Hanau O Na Kupuna E,” which translates to “Happy Birthday of our Ancestors
  • ” This phrase is commonly used on special occasions such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and it honors all mothers worldwide with its meaning
  • To finish off your greeting, you could also add the word “Makuakane” which translates to “father-mother” or simply just “parent”
  • This will make your message even more meaningful for your mother as she will know that you are honoring both her parents at once!

Happy Birthday in Hawaiian

In Hawaiian, “Happy Birthday” is translated to “Hau’oli Lā Hānau”, which literally translates to mean “happy day of birth”. This phrase is often accompanied by a hula dance or song and the gifting of lei to the birthday celebrant. Celebrating birthdays in Hawaii are important occasions that bring families and friends together for happy memories.

How To Say Happy Mother'S Day In Hawaiian?


What Do Hawaiians Call Their Mothers?

In Hawai’i, mothers are typically referred to as “makuahine,” which translates literally to mean “mother.” The term is often used in a more affectionate way than the literal translation implies, as it’s a term of endearment used by children and adults alike. It carries with it the deep respect that Hawaiians have for their mothers – something that is deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture.

Makuahine not only refers to biological mothers but can also refer to adoptive or foster moms who are near and dear to someone’s heart. Mothers provide care, guidance, wisdom and unconditional love for their families, so it’s no surprise that this word has become an important part of the Hawaiian language.

What Does Aloha Auinala Mean?

Aloha Auinala is a Hawaiian phrase which translates to “endless love”. This phrase conveys the idea of an infinite, unconditional and timeless kind of love that has no boundaries or limits. The term aloha auinala can be used between friends, family members, significant others, and even strangers as a way to express compassion and appreciation for one another.

It is an especially fitting phrase in Hawaii due to its culture of warmth and acceptance among people regardless of social status or background. In addition to being used as an expression of affection, this phrase can also be used in everyday conversations when wishing someone well or offering encouragement during difficult times. No matter what context it is said in, aloha auinala carries with it a sense of deep connection and understanding that makes it truly unique among expressions of care.

What is the Best Way to Say Happy Mother’S Day?

The best way to say Happy Mother’s Day is to do something special for the mother in your life, whether it be making breakfast in bed, sending flowers or buying a thoughtful gift. This is an especially meaningful gesture when done with care and thoughtfulness; nothing shows how much you appreciate someone like putting effort into showing them that you care. A simple card can also be a great way to show your mom how much she means to you on this special day, as a heartfelt message will let her know just how much she is appreciated.

What is Mahalo Nui Loa?

Mahalo Nui Loa is a Hawaiian phrase that means “thank you very much”. It is used as an expression of gratitude and appreciation for something or someone, typically in response to receiving kindness or help from another person. In the Hawaiian culture, Mahalo Nui Loa is often used as a way to convey deep respect and admiration.

When saying this phrase, one may bow their head slightly while expressing it with sincerity and emotion. By using Mahalo Nui Loa instead of just thank you, one conveys more than just gratitude; they are also showing respect for the other person’s generosity and friendship. Through its usage, Mahalo Nui Loa can be an incredibly powerful expression of connection and understanding between two people.


Overall, expressing your love and appreciation for your mother on Mother’s Day can be done in many different ways. Saying “Happy Mother’s Day” in Hawaiian is a unique way to show her how much you care. Whether it’s through traditional gifts or simply saying “Aloha makamae o ka maluhia,” your mother is sure to feel the love this special day brings!

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