How to Make a Dreamcatcher at Home?

How to Make a Dreamcatcher at Home

Especially during the pandemic, moms are looking for fun easy activities to do with their children while they are stuck inside! We’ve got good news for all you mommies out there. We’ve found a fun new craft activity your kids and you are sure to love! Make your very own dream catcher at home this spring and teach your kids the meaning of this interesting Native American toy and symbol!

What is the story behind the dreamcatcher? There are many interesting stories online about the origins of dream catchers. Legend has it that dreamcatchers come from the Ojibwa tribe. The Spider Woman (my son loved that name!) made dreamcatchers to protect all of her grandchildren and descendants and keep all the bad dreams away.

My kids loved this story, so I recommend reading up on the history of dream catchers and then telling them the story along with the craft project. It will teach them something about an important culture in our country and we all know kids love storytime!

How to make a dreamcatcher at home in 3 easy steps!

Here is how to make a simple dream catcher with your children that they will love!

Step one: find a bendy material and make a loop. I used a willow branch I got from a craft supply store, but you can also use a grapevine.

Step two: cover the loop with any net material. I repurposed an old pool net we had in the garage for this step! We cut up the net into pieces and glued on top of the loop we made in step one. If you are a little craftier and artsier than me, you can also use some string and crisscross over the loop to make a cool thread design!

Step three: decorate the loop with beads and feathers. Again, I found an old box of beads in my craft room and we used these to decorate our dreamcatchers. You can also buy beads, feathers and ribbons from any craft supply store. Have fun and let the kids be creative!

As you can see, making a dreamcatcher with your kids is pretty simple! Your kids will love to hang their very own dreamcatcher in their room so it will keep all the bad dreams and nightmares away. This is a great project to have fun with during the pandemic!

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