How Old Are Shaq’S Kids?

How Old Are Shaq'S Kids

Shaquille O’Neal has five children. His oldest child, Shareef, is 18 years old and was born on January 11, 2000. His second-oldest child, Amirah, is 17 years old and was born on May 1st 2001.

Shaq’s third-oldest child is Shaqir who is 16 years old and was born on March 6th 2003. His fourth-oldest child is Me’arah who is 14 years old and was born in 2006. Finally his youngest child Taahirah just turned 10 years old this year (2020) as she was born in 2010.

Thus all of Shaq’s children are between the ages of 10 to 18 making them a teen family!

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most iconic figures in basketball history and he’s also a father to six children. His oldest child, Shareef, is 21 years old while his youngest daughter, Me’Arah, is only 11. Shaq has two sons – Shareef and Shaqir – with ex-girlfriend Arnetta Yardbourgh; three daughters – Amirah, Taahirah and Me’Arah – with ex-wife Shaunie Nelson; as well as a son named Myles born via surrogate to his now fiancé Laticia Rolle.

All of Shaq’s children are growing up fast – it won’t be long before they’re all adults!

Inside Shaquille O’Neal Family [Wife, Kids, Parents]

Shaquille O’Neal Kids

Shaquille O’Neal has five children from three different relationships. His first son, Shareef O’Neal, is a basketball player for LSU and was drafted by the Boston Celtics in 2020. His second son, Shaqir, is a former high school football player who currently plays college basketball at UCF.

His two daughters – Amirah and Me’arah – were both born to his ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal in 2002 and 2006 respectively. Lastly, Shaq welcomed his fifth child Taahirah into the world with long-term girlfriend Laticia Rolle in 2019.

How Old Are Shaq'S Kids?


How Many Biological Kids Does Shaq Have?

Shaquille O’Neal has five biological children. His oldest child is Shareef, born in 2000 to Shaunie Nelson. He also has a daughter Amirah, born in 2001 to Arnetta Yardbourgh; Shaquir, born in 2003 to his ex-wife Shaunie Nelson; and Me’arah and Shaqir, twins born in 2006 to his ex-wife Hoopz.

Shaq is a proud father of five incredible kids who have all made him immensely proud over the years. While we know that he can be tough on them when it comes to academics and sports performance (as any great father should!), it’s clear that he loves spending time with each of them and takes every opportunity he can get to show off how much they mean to him. From taking them on fun vacations around the world or celebrating their successes together at home — Shaq is always there for his children no matter what life throws their way!

How Many Kids Does Shaq And His Ex Wife Have Together?

Shaq and his ex-wife, Shaunie O’Neal, have four children together: Shareef (born 2000), Amirah (born 2001), Shaqir (born 2003) and Me’arah (born 2006). Shaq and Shaunie had an incredibly successful relationship as partners that lasted for many years. Despite their eventual divorce in 2011, they managed to remain supportive of each other’s endeavors even after the split.

One of the most impressive aspects of this former couple’s legacy is their four children. Over the past two decades, Shaq has been an incredible father to his kids; he’s used his wealth and fame to provide them with opportunities that most could only dream of. All four kids have excelled in school while also participating in various sports like basketball, football and more – a testament to how well Shaq was able to balance parenting with being a professional athlete.

Does Shaq O Neal Have Kids?

Yes, Shaquille O’Neal has five children. His oldest son is Shareef, who was born in 2000 to his then-girlfriend Arnetta Yardbourgh. He also has three daughters: Taahirah (born 2001), Amirah (born 2006), and Me’arah (born 2008).

His youngest child is a son named Shaqir, born in 2003 to his ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal. Shaquille O’Neal is a proud father of five amazing kids – including four sons and one daughter ranging from 18 years old to 11 years old – whom he loves dearly. The basketball legend takes great pride in being an involved dad and regularly shares photos on social media with each of his kids, showing off their various activities or just enjoying quality time together as a family.

Outside of the occasional Instagram post or Twitter mention about them, he’s kept much of their lives private; but it’s clear that Shaq values spending time with them more than anything else in life!

How Many Kids Did Shaq Have With Shaunie?

Answer: Shaquille O’Neal and his ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal have four children together. Their names are Shareef, Amirah, Shaqir, and Me’arah. Shaquille O’Neal has been a household name since he burst onto the basketball scene in 1992 as one of the NBA’s most dominant players of all time.

Off the court, Shaq is just as beloved by fans for his larger than life personality and family values. His relationship with former wife Shaunie resulted in a beautiful blended family of four amazing kids – Shareef, Amirah, Shaqir, and Me’arah – who each bring their own unique talents to the table while showing an impressive level of maturity beyond their years. As both parents continue to encourage them on their individual paths to success in life outside sports (or acting!), there is no doubt that these four individuals will make lasting impacts on the world around them just like their famous father did before them.


In conclusion, Shaquille O’Neal is a proud father of five children. His oldest child, Shareef, was born in 2000 and his youngest child was born in 2016. All of his kids are still quite young but they all seem to be doing well and growing up quickly under the guidance of their famous dad!

It’s amazing how much Shaq has been able to accomplish both on and off the court while raising his five beautiful children.

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