How Many Kids Does Benzino Have?

How Many Kids Does Benzino Have

Benzino has four children. His eldest daughter is named Coi Leray, who was born in 1999 to his high school sweetheart Althea Heart. In 2006 he had a son named Zino Antonio with his then-girlfriend Lashon Dixon.

He also has two sons from different relationships; the oldest, Jazz Anthony Scott Jr., was born in 2013 to Karlie Redd and the youngest, Cannavaro Anthony Scott, was born in 2018 to his fiancée Stephanie Santiago.

Benzino, the famous American rapper and television personality, is a proud father of four children. He has two sons named Zino Jr. and Darius from his previous relationship with Althea Eaton as well as twin daughters named Brittany and Karli from his current wife Deb Antney. Benzino’s kids have grown up to become independent adults who are actively pursuing their own interests in life—from music production to fashion design.

Although he may not be able to spend as much time with them due to work commitments, Benzino still finds joy in providing guidance and support for all his children whenever they need it.

How Much Kids Do Benzino Have?

Benzino has three children: two sons, Zino Antonio Scott Jr. and Tajh Abdul-Raheem, and a daughter named Brittany. His oldest son is Zino Antonio Scott Jr., who was born in 1994. His second son Tajh Abdul-Raheem was born in 2003, while his youngest daughter Brittany was born in 2006.

In an interview with The Source magazine earlier this year, Benzino spoke about being a father to his three kids—particularly how much he loves them and the bond they share as a family. He also shared that parenting isn’t always easy but it’s worth it when you see your children grow into strong adults with values and respect for themselves and others around them. As someone who grew up without having both of their parents present most of their life, he understands the importance of providing stability to his own children which is why he strives to be there for them no matter what challenges come their way.

Does Benzino And Althea Have a Child Together?

Yes, Benzino and Althea have a child together. Their son, Zino Antonio Scott Jr., was born in October 2013. The pair were engaged at the time of his birth but ultimately chose to go their separate ways shortly after.

Despite the fact that they are no longer together, both Benzino and Althea remain devoted parents to their son; they often share photos of him on social media as he grows up. They also take every opportunity available to ensure that Zino knows he is loved by both parents despite them being apart. It’s clear from their actions that although things didn’t work out between them romantically, they still feel an immense amount of love for one another due to the bond shared through parenting their beautiful little boy.

What Rapper Has 10 Kids?

The rapper with 10 kids is Snoop Dogg. He has three children from his first marriage to Shante Taylor Broadus, two sons and a daughter, as well as seven other children from different relationships. His oldest child is son Cordé, who was born in 1994 and his youngest child is Zion Kalvin who was born in 2015.

With such an impressive brood of offspring, Snoop Dogg can often be spotted out and about with his large extended family doing activities together or simply having fun. In addition to being a proud father of 10, he’s also known for mentoring many young aspiring rappers throughout the years. He’s not only been able to pass on knowledge gained through decades of experience but also provide emotional guidance that comes with growing up in today’s world while parenting multiple children at the same time.

Does Benzino Have a Son?

Yes, Benzino has a son named Taj Russell. Taj is the only child of Benzino and his ex-wife Althea Eaton. He was born in October 2003 and currently lives with his father in Atlanta, Georgia.

As an aspiring rapper himself, Taj often appears by his father’s side at events and photoshoots. His mother is also involved in music as she works as a radio personality for “The Breakfast Club” on Power 105.1FM station in New York City. Both parents have been very supportive of their son’s musical aspirations as he continues to work hard towards achieving success like that of his famous dad.


In conclusion, Benzino is a talented and successful hip hop artist who has two children. His daughter, Coi Leray, is the product of his relationship with Althea Heart while his son Zino Antonio Scott Jr., was born to an unidentified woman in 2004. Though little is known about his family life, it’s clear that Benzino takes great pride in being a father and providing for his kids.

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