How Do You Say Happy Mother’S Day In French?

How Do You Say Happy Mother'S Day In French

Joyeuse Fête des Mères! C’est la façon de dire “Joyeux anniversaire maman” en français. Vous pouvez également le dire avec une phrase plus longue, comme “Je vous souhaite une joyeuse fête des mères”.

D’autres façons courantes pour exprimer votre affection à votre mère le jour de sa fête sont les suivantes: Bonne Fête des Mères, Joyeux Anniversaire Mama et Je T’Aime Mama. Si vous êtes dans un contexte formel ou professionnel, vous pouvez utiliser l’expression française populaire Meilleurs Souhaits à toutes les Mamans pour saluer cette journée spéciale.

Bonne fête des mères! This is how you say “Happy Mother’s Day” in French. Celebrate the day with your mom by taking her out for a special lunch or dinner, sending her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or just spending quality time together.

Make sure to tell her how much she means to you and give her an extra big hug!

How to say Happy Mother’s day in French | French Native Speaker.

How Do You Wish Someone a Happy Mothers Day in French?

Exact answer: Joyeuse fête des mères! En cette journée spéciale, nous devons tous prendre le temps de dire à nos mamans combien elles sont importantes et appréciées. C’est pourquoi je voudrais souhaiter une joyeuse fête des mères à toutes les mamans du monde entier aujourd’hui.

Que ce jour soit rempli d’amour, de joie et que votre famille puisse se réunir pour partager un moment magique ensemble. Prenez bien soin de vous et profitez-en bien !

What is Mother’S Day Called in France?

In France, Mother’s Day is known as la Fête des Mères. It is celebrated on the last Sunday of May each year and honors mothers and motherhood. La Fête des Mères is a time to show appreciation for mothers everywhere by spending quality time together, buying gifts, and arranging events like family dinners or days out.

Families often bond over shared memories from the past, expressing gratitude for their mother’s unconditional love and support throughout their lives. This day provides an opportunity to thank our moms for all they do in raising children with care and nurturing them into adulthood with wisdom and strength.

What is the Best Way to Say Happy Mother’S Day?

The best way to say Happy Mother’s Day is by expressing your genuine appreciation for all that your mother has done for you. Whether it’s a heartfelt card, a thoughtful gift, or simply telling her how much she means to you, let her know that you are thankful for the care and support she has given throughout the years. A phone call or video chat can be especially meaningful on this special day if you’re unable to celebrate in person.

Even something as simple as sending a text message with kind words of love and gratitude can go a long way in making your mother feel appreciated on this special occasion. No matter what gesture you choose, taking time out of your busy schedule to express your love and admiration will make any mother feel like they are being celebrated in the most meaningful way possible!

Why is French Mother’S Day Different?

French Mother’s Day (Fête des Mères) is celebrated on the last Sunday of May, which is different than in many other countries. This special day has been celebrated since 1880 and was created by a priest who wanted to honor mothers for their selfless devotion and hard work raising families. French Mother’s Day celebrations focus more on sentimentality and appreciation rather than gift-giving like some other holidays.

Families come together to enjoy meals together, share stories about their mothers, or even take trips to visit them if they are far away. It is also common for friends and family members to write letters or cards expressing how much they love their mother figure in their life. On this day, mothers are usually showered with flowers as well as tokens of affection that reflect the unique relationship between each mother and her children.

The holiday provides an opportunity for families all over France to honor not only living moms but also those who have passed away by visiting gravesites or attending memorial services in remembrance of them.

How Do You Say Happy Mother'S Day In French?


How to Say Happy Mother’S Day in Spanish

Happy Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10th in Spanish-speaking countries. To wish a mother a happy day, you can say “Feliz Día de las Madres” (“Happy Mothers’ Day”).


In conclusion, it is easy to wish someone a Happy Mother’s Day in French with the phrase “Joyeuse Fête des Mères”. This sentiment can be expressed through cards, gifts or even over a phone call. No matter how you choose to express your love and appreciation for your mother on this special day, saying “Joyeuse Fête des Mères” will only add an extra layer of thoughtfulness and heartfelt emotion that she will appreciate.

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