Who Are Rashida Jones Parents?

Who Are Rashida Jones Parents

Rashida Jones is the daughter of actress Peggy Lipton and musician Quincy Jones. She has four siblings: brothers Kidada and Quincy, Jr., and sisters Rashida and Jonell. Her father is African American and her mother is Ashkenazi Jewish.

Rashida Jones is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 25, 1976. Rashida has two siblings: her older sister Kidada and her younger brother Quincy.

Her father is a legendary musician and producer, while her mother was a model and actress in the 1960s. Rashida’s parents divorced when she was 10 years old.

Rashida Jones her Parents and her Siblings

Is Rashida Jones Quincy Jones Biological Daughter?

No, Rashida Jones is not Quincy Jones’s biological daughter. She is the daughter of Peggy Lipton, an actress and former model, and music producer Quincy Jones. The pair were married from 1974 to 1990.

Which Quincy Jones Daughter was With Tupac?

In 1993, Quincy Jones’ daughter Kidada was dating Tupac Shakur. The couple were together for two years and remained close even after their break-up. In 1996, Kidada was with Tupac when he was fatally shot in Las Vegas.

Who was Rashida Jones Mother?

Rashida Jones is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton. Her mother, Peggy, was an actress best known for her roles in Twin Peaks and The Mod Squad. She died of cancer in 2019.

Rashida has two older sisters, Kidada and Jolie, and a younger brother, QD3.

Whose Parents are Rashida Jones?

Rashida Jones is the daughter of media mogul Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton. She has two siblings, brothers Quincy Jr. and Kidada. Her father is African American and her mother is Jewish American.

Rashida was raised in Bel Air, Los Angeles and attended The Buckley School. She then went on to study at Harvard University, where she graduated in 1997 with a degree in comparative religion. Rashida has appeared in numerous films and television shows over the years, including “The Office”, “Parks and Recreation”, “I Love You, Man” and “The Social Network”.

Most recently, she has starred alongside Aziz Ansari in the Netflix original series “Master of None”.

Who Are Rashida Jones Parents?

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Rashida Jones Husband

Rashida Jones is married to fellow actor, screenwriter, and director Peter Sarsgaard. The couple have been married since 2009 and have two daughters together. Rashida has spoken about how she and her husband make their marriage work despite both having busy careers in Hollywood.

She says that communication is key, and they make sure to check in with each other often, even if it’s just a quick text message. They also try to get away for a weekend together every few months, even if it’s just a staycation at home.

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Rashida Jones Movies

Rashida Jones has had a long and successful career in Hollywood. She has starred in some of the most popular movies of all time, including The Office, Parks and Recreation, and The Social Network. She has also been nominated for several awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

While she is best known for her work on television, she has also done some great work in film. Here are five of Rashida Jones’ best movie roles: 1. Celeste & Jesse Forever – In this 2012 indie film, Rashida Jones played Celeste, a woman who is trying to move on from her failed marriage.

The movie was praised for its realistic portrayal of relationships and Jones’ performance was lauded by critics. 2. Our Idiot Brother – This 2011 comedy starred Rashida Jones as Natalie, the level-headed sister of an eccentric man (played by Paul Rudd). The movie was a hit with audiences andJones’ role was one of the highlights.

3. I Love You, Man – In this 2009 buddy comedy, Rashida Jones played Zooey Rice, the girlfriend of Paul Rudd’s character. The movie was a huge success andJones’ performance earned her rave reviews. 4.


Rashida Jones is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton. Her father is a legendary record producer and her mother was a model and actress. Rashida has two sisters, Kidada and Jolie, and a brother, QD3.

She was born in Los Angeles, California.

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