Who Are Drew Barrymore’S Parents?

Who Are Drew Barrymore'S Parents

Drew Barrymore’s parents are actors John Drew Barrymore and Jaid Barrymore. Her father was born into a prominent acting family, and her mother had aspirations of being an actress. However, both of her parents struggled with addiction, which led to their divorce when Drew was nine years old.

She was primarily raised by her mother after the divorce, but she also spent time with her father and stepfather.

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Drew Barrymore is the product of Hollywood royalty. Her parents are actor John Drew Barrymore and actress Jaid Barrymore. She was born into a family with a long history in show business.

Her great-grandfather, Maurice Costello, was a vaudeville star and her grandfather, John Barrymore, was one of the most famous actors of his generation. Her mother, Jaid, was also an actress and model. Drew’s parents divorced when she was nine years old and she lived with her mother for most of her childhood.

She made her film debut at the age of seven in “Altered States” (1980) and quickly became a child star with roles in “E.T.” (1982), “Firestarter” (1984), and “Irreconcilable Differences” (1984). Despite her successful career, Drew struggled with addiction and mental health issues for many years. She entered rehab for the first time when she was just 14 years old.

In 1995, she wrote a memoir about her struggles entitled “Little Girl Lost.”

What Did Drew Barrymore’S Parents Do to Her

Most people know Drew Barrymore as an actress, but not everyone knows the story of her early childhood. Drew’s parents were both involved in the entertainment industry, and her mother was a successful model and actress. Unfortunately, her parents’ marriage was not a happy one, and they divorced when Drew was only nine years old.

Her father was an abusive alcoholic, and her mother struggled with addiction issues as well. As a result of her parents’ problems, Drew spent a lot of time in foster care and group homes. She also started using drugs at a young age.

Fortunately, Drew was able to turn her life around and become a successful actress in her own right. She has starred in many hit movies and television shows over the years. In recent years, she has also become a producer and director.

Despite all she has been through, Drew is now a happy wife and mother of two beautiful girls.

Is Drew Barrymore’S Mother Still Alive

Yes, Drew Barrymore’s mother is still alive. She is actress and director Jaid Barrymore, who was born in 1946. She has been married four times and has three children: Drew, Jessica, and Houston.

Who are Drew Barrymore’S Parents And Grandparents

Drew Barrymore’s parents are Jaid and John. Her grandparents are Ildiko, John, and Henrietta. Drew Barrymore was born on February 22, 1975, in Culver City, California.

She is the daughter of actor John Drew Barrymore and actress Jaid Barrymore (née Ildikó Jaid Makó). Her mother was born in a displaced persons camp in Brannenburg, West Germany, to Hungarian World War II refugees. Drew has an older brother named John Blyth Barrymore III and a half-sister named Olivia barrymore from her father’s previous marriage to Nina Wayne.

Her paternal grandfather was actor John Barrymore; her paternal grandmother was actress Dolores Costello; and her maternal grandparents were Hungarian emigrants who escaped the 1956 revolution. Barrymore’s godparents are Lee Strasberg and directors Francis Ford Coppola and Nancy Meyers.

Drew Barrymore’S Mother Today

In the early hours of Mother’s Day, actress Drew Barrymore took to Instagram to share a touching tribute to her own mother, Jaid Barrymore. The post, which featured two photos of the pair throughout Drew’s life, drew praise and well-wishes from fans and celebrities alike. “To all the mothers out there,” she began.

“I salute you. I don’t know how you do it.” Drew went on to say that while she doesn’t have children of her own, she has “gotten a little taste” of what it’s like to be a mom through her work with Flower Beauty and as an aunt.

Who is Drew Barrymore’S Father And Grandfather

Drew Barrymore’s father is actor John Drew Barrymore, and her grandfather is film legend John Barrymore. Both men were successful in their respective fields, but had personal struggles that overshadowed their accomplishments. John Drew Barrymore was a talented actor who appeared in films like “The Sundowners” and “High Society”.

However, he was also an alcoholic who frequently battled with addiction. He was estranged from his family for many years, and only reconciled with them shortly before his death in 2004. John Barrymore was one of the biggest movie stars of the 1920s and 1930s.

He appeared in classics like “Grand Hotel” and “It Happened One Night”. However, he was also a heavy drinker who often struggled with alcoholism. He died at the age of 58 after suffering a series of strokes.

Who Are Drew Barrymore'S Parents?

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Are Drew Barrymore Parents Still Alive?

Yes, Drew Barrymore’s parents are still alive. Her father is actor John Drew Barrymore, and her mother is actress Jaid Barrymore.

Does Drew Barrymore Have a Relationship With Her Parents?

Yes, Drew Barrymore has a relationship with her parents. She is very close with her mother, Jaid Barrymore, and has said that she is one of her best friends. She is also close with her father, John Drew Barrymore, and speaks to him often.

Why was Drew Barrymore’S Dad Not in Her Life?

Drew Barrymore’s father, John Drew Barrymore, was an actor who struggled with addiction for much of his life. He was estranged from Drew and her mother for many years, and died in 2004. While John Barrymore was not a part of his daughter’s life for much of her childhood, she has said that she still loves him and is grateful for the time they did spend together.

Who is Drew Barrymore’S Real Father?

Drew Barrymore’s father is actor John Drew Barrymore. He was born on June 4, 1932, in Los Angeles, California. He was the eldest son of actors John Barrymore and Dolores Costello.

His parents divorced when he was two years old, and he was raised by his mother. He had a troubled childhood and was expelled from several schools. He struggled with drug addiction for much of his life.

He made his film debut at the age of seven in the 1940 film Too Much Johnson. He appeared in a number of films throughout the 1940s and 1950s, including The Bells of St. Mary’s (1945), You Came Along (1946), Knock on Any Door (1949), and All That Heaven Allows (1955). However, he failed to achieve critical or commercial success as an actor.

In the 1960s, he turned to directing, helming episodes of television shows such as The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. He also directed the 1971 film Johnny Got His Gun, which starred his son Sean. John Drew Barrymore died on November 29, 2004, at the age of 72.


Drew Barrymore’s parents are actor John Drew Barrymore and actress Jaid Barrymore. Her father was from a prominent acting family, while her mother had little experience in the industry. As a result, Drew was exposed to the world of entertainment at a very young age and began acting when she was just seven years old.

She quickly became a successful child star, appearing in films like E.T. and Firestarter. However, as she entered her teenage years, Drew began to struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. She eventually checked into rehab and has been sober since 2004.

Today, Drew is a successful actress, director, and producer who has starred in films like The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates. She is also active in philanthropy and has her own production company called Flower Films.

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