How Big Should Pendant Lights Be Over Dining Table?

How Big Should Pendant Lights Be Over Dining Table

While the kitchen is the heart of the home, the dining room is a close second, and decorating it well can help you create several good memories for you and your family. Choosing the right pendant for your home helps create a focal point for your dining room space and sets the entire room’s tone.

You should consider several factors when choosing a pendant for your dining table. These include the table’s size, the dining room style, how many pendants you need, and the ceiling’s height. Generally, your dining table pendant should be proportionate to the dining table’s size.

You should also position it at the correct height for adequate lighting and a visually appealing harmony with other items in the dining area. Let’s look at a few guidelines to help you choose the best sized pendant for your dining table for the best visual balance and functionality.

What Pendant Size Should You Place over Your Dining Table?

Placing a single pendant over your dining table helps make a statement. It helps make your dining area feel more spacious and makes it look more modern. Individuals with a larger dining space or open concept rooms can switch this up and make their design more unique by adding a few smaller pendants. You can also choose an oversized pendant and play with the scale and size.

  • Table size: Your pendant choice may depend on your dining table’s size and how many lights you plan to install. However, the size should typically be between a half and three quarters of your dining table’s diameter.
  • Multiple pendants: If you plan on using multiple pendants in your dining area, then they should be way smaller than you would with a single pendant.
  • Making measurements: In either scenario, you’ll need to subtract 12 inches from your table’s total length when measuring the correct size. This should provide a 6” clearance on each side of the table.
  • General rule of thumb: The general rule you should follow is that the more pendants you plan to use when lighting your dining table, the smaller their width should be.


A dining room pendant should enhance the dining area’s aesthetics, provide adequate lighting, and make the space more comfortable. You could choose to play around with the sizes; however, you should ensure the pendant provides enough light. Avoid one that leaves other guests in the shadows.

For instance, you could use the pendant to accent your small round table if you live in a loft apartment or complement a bigger rectangular table. Either way, you should make sure that your dining area looks well-lit and balanced. You should select a pendant light that’s proportionate to your dining space and table and position it at the correct height. This helps provide enough lighting and balances the rest of your space. Ultimately, what matters is your preferred height, style, and size. Choose a pendant that you love and consider the dining table’s size and ceiling height.

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