What are the frequently asked questions when it comes to laser hair removal?

laser hair removal faq

Today generation, nobody likes hairy skin. So, they remove hair from time to time, either with traditional methods like razer, wax, thread, and laser. Razer and wax give you a temporary effect of hair removal. While using razer, pores from where hair grows, are also damaged.

Skin becomes dry after removing hair from the razer. Razer doesn’t give good results as much as wax. Wax can give good results and smooth skin. But the drawback of waxing is that it is time-consuming and can’t provide a long-lasting effect. Hair again grows from pores after some time.

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As people don’t have time for these things so, they want to get rid of unnecessary hair permanently/ for an extended period. For them, the laser is the only option for permanent hair removal.

Before their laser hair removal, they have some questions in their minds, for example, is it safe? Will it damage my skin? It’s natural to feel concerned when something is related to your skin and body. Here are some frequently asked questions by people when it comes to laser hair removal.

Is It Safe to Remove Hair with A Laser?

Yes, it is a safe procedure when performed by skilled people. It uses laser pulses to damage hair follicles in this way, shedding of hair occurs, and further future hair growth inhibition occurs. Laser crystal window one it is applied against your skin that causes a tingling sensation on the specific area. The laser emits light energy that acts only on the desired site while surrounding skin remains unharmed.

Is it painful?

No, it is not a painful procedure. When laser emits light, it only produces a tingling sensation, and a person feels a typical small pinch. This sensation lasts only a few seconds and stops when the laser does. However, the cooling process can reduce this sensation and minimize the discomfort.

Is It Costly?

It depends upon the size of the area undertreated area and sessions required to attain desired results. Larger areas of the body need more pulses to remove hair while smaller areas need fewer vibrations to pull hair for a long time.

How Many Sessions Are Required to Attain the Desired Results?

Several sessions required to attain desired results depend upon the undertreated area. Usually legs, bikini, underarms or non-hormonal area need six sessions while other hormonal regions can take eight sessions. These sessions are about 4-6 weeks apart.

Why Laser Hair Removal Treatment Requires So Many Sessions?

Several sessions are required for laser hair removal to attain desired results and to remove hair permanently. If sessions are not planned for laser hair removal, hair again grows with the same intensity. When a person takes all the sessions scheduled by the practitioner, this restricts hair growth, and after that, only maintenance sessions are required. Attending all the sessions can also remove hair permanently, vary person to person.

Can Laser Hair Removal Remove Hair Permanently?

No, the laser can’t remove hair permanently, but it restricts hair growth. Sessions planned in a laser hair removal treatment remove hair for a long time. After taking all the sessions,  there is a need for a maintenance session. Usually, the effect of a laser hair removal treatment remains for about two years.

However, touch-up sessions are needed during these years. Hair keeps growing after the treatment. It is because the hair in their active phase is removed by laser. So, hair that is in their inactive phase will remain unharmed and will regrow that’s why maintenance sessions are much needed after every 6-12 months.

How Long A Laser Hair Removal Session Takes?

Time taken in a session depends upon the area to be treated, and the number of hair follicles as laser light damages follicles allowing hair to shed. Usually, an upper lip laser session takes 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending upon the quantity of hair. 

Is This Treatment for All Skin Types?

The guys from the Bareskin Company says Laser hair removal treatment works best on light-toned people with dark or black hair. It is because laser light targets pigment present under the hair follicle. As light blonde or grey coloured hair have less amount of pigment that laser light can’t detect.

Practitioners recommend electrolysis for such kind of individuals. Many clinics promise good results even on dark toned people or people having light-coloured hair, but electrolysis is the best choice for such people.

What areas of the body can be treated with the laser for hair removal?

Any part of the body can be treated with laser except small area inside the bony ridge of the eye socket. Usually, women treat hair, i.e. bikini hair, underarms, legs.

Is It Necessary to Do Waxing and Plucking Before Laser?

Waxing and plucking should be avoided three weeks before laser hair removal.

Can I Continue My Daily Routine During Sessions?

Of course, you can continue your daily routine during sessions. There are mild side effects of treatment.

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What Are the Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

Redness and irritation are the mild side effects caused by laser hair removal treatment. The favourable change in skin tone also occurs in the treated area. These side effects last only for 24 hours. Some people also experience crusting on the treated area, and skin infections can also occur. Eye injury in some people can also take place when non-professional persons do the treatment.

What Is the Best Laser for Hair Removal?

The best laser for hair removal depends upon skin tone and certain areas of the body. That’s why clinics use multiple lasers to treat different parts of the body. The diode laser is the best for all skin types, either light or dark-toned skin. Nd: YAG; This is a sizeable pulsed laser effective for both light and dark skin.

After How Many Sessions Will I See the Results?

You will notice significant results after every session; however, desired results are acquired after all the recommended sessions. After each session, there will be less hair growth. And after completion of your sessions, you only have to take a touch-up session if hair regrowth occurs; however, many people enjoy permanent hair removal.

What Is the Procedure of Laser Hair Removal?

A laser crystal window emits light energy that is pressed against your skin on a specific part of the body where you want hair removal. The light emitted from the laser equipment destroys hair follicles in this way, hair shed and inhibits regrowth of hair.

The pigment absorbs that light in the hair follicle without affecting skin tone. Laser equipment works only on that area where light is being emitted, while the surrounding area remains unharmed.

Can I Perform Laser?

No, only trained and skilful practitioners should perform laser to ensure safety and attain best results. However, untrained people can use IPL at home, although only experienced persons perform the laser. The laser can cause damage to your skin when performed by inexperienced persons.

So, it is necessary to take an appointment in a well-known clinic or spa where you are sure that they will not damage your skin, and you will get your desired results.

What Process Can Speed Up the Shedding Of Hair?

Gentle rubbing of the skin can speed up the process of hair shedding. Sometimes, after all the sessions, desired results are not availed. The reason behind this is that during the laser therapy, some areas of hair growth are in their inactive phase, so their follicles remain unharmed by the laser. That’s why when their active phase prevails; they regrow making touch up sessions necessary. 

Is It Safe to Use For Hair Removal From Private Parts?

Electrolysis and laser are safe for hair removal from private parts, but to safe skin from complication, one should follow the following steps after laser hair removal. You should keep your body scrub away from your private part for three days after treatment. 

How Can I Get Desired Results from Laser Hair Removal?

Following points should be kept in mind to get the desired results.

Consult an experienced practitioner. Follow all the treatment plan made by your practitioner.

Areas that are going to be treated should be freshly shaven.

You have to manage all your sessions according to your schedule. Don’t miss any session.

What to do if hair does not fall from the area after laser hair removal treatment?

It only occurs when hair is in its inactive phase. So, it is best to wait for natural hair growth. If you try to remove hair in its dormant stage, then you will only irritate your skin.

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Can I Shave During My Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

It is OK to use razer during the sessions. But someone should not do waxing, plucking, tweezing, and epilating during sessions. And to avoid irritation on the skin, you should shave your skin 24 hours before the treatment.

What Happens If the Hair Is Too Long?

Laser light damages your stem cells by heating hair follicles. The procedure only needs hair follicles, not hair above your strand. If the hair is too long, then it will only damage your skin. So, it is necessary to shave 24 hours before laser hair removal.


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