Who Is Emma Roberts Parents?

Emma Roberts is the daughter of Kelly Cunningham and Eric Roberts. Her parents divorced when she was a child, and she has a half-sister, Grace, from her father’s second marriage. Emma’s mother remarried in 2004, and she has two stepbrothers.

If you’re a fan of the actress Emma Roberts, then you might be wondering who her parents are. Here’s what we know about them. Emma’s father is actor Eric Roberts.

He has appeared in such films as The Dark Knight and Runaway Train. Emma’s mother is Kelly Cunningham, who is a former model. She has also appeared in some films, including National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Interestingly, Emma is not the only famous person in her family. Her aunt is Julia Roberts, who is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Emma has said that she looks up to her aunt and that she would love to have a career like hers someday.

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Emma Roberts Family (Boyfriends, Kid, Siblings, Parents)

Is Emma Roberts Related to Julia Roberts

If you’re a fan of both Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts, then you might be wondering if the two are related. The answer is yes! Emma is Julia’s niece.

Her father, Eric Roberts, is Julia’s brother. Emma has said that she was very close to her famous aunt growing up and that she was definitely an inspiration to her. In fact, it was because of watching Julia in movies like Pretty Woman that Emma decided she wanted to become an actress herself.

Nowadays, both Roberts women are successful Hollywood stars. And although they don’t often work together on projects, they have appeared in a few things together, including an episode of Julia’s show ER and the movie Valentine’s Day. It’s clear that there is a lot of love between these two relatives!

Emma Roberts Husband Name

Who is Emma Roberts husband? His name is Garrett Hedlund and the pair got married in an intimate ceremony in 2020. Emma Roberts is an American actress, model, and producer.

She has starred in many films and television shows including Aquamarine (2006), Nancy Drew (2007), Wild Child (2008), Hotel for Dogs (2009), Valentine’s Day (2010), It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010), We’re The Millers (2013) Garrett Hedlund is an American actor, model, and singer. He has appeared in films such as Troy (2004), Friday Night Lights (2004), Four Brothers (2005), Eragon (2006), Georgia Rule (2007) Country Strong (2010).

The couple met while filming the movieUntitled Untitled Elvis Presley Project.

Julia Roberts Kids

As one of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses, Julia Roberts is no stranger to the limelight. But despite her A-list status, she’s managed to keep her personal life relatively private – especially when it comes to her three children. Here’s what we know about Julia Roberts’ kids.

Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder, have three children together: twins Hazel and Phinnaeus “Finn” Moder, and Henry Daniel Moder. Finn and Hazel were born on November 28, 2004, making them Roberts’ oldest children. Henry was born almost four years later on June 18, 2007.

Despite being in the public eye, Roberts has done a commendable job of keeping her kids out of it as much as possible. In fact, she rarely ever talks about them in interviews or posts pictures of them online. However, she did make an exception in 2017 when she posted a photo of herself with all three of her kids on Instagram to celebrate Mother’s Day.

It’s clear that Roberts is extremely protective of her children and wants to give them as normal a childhood as possible given their famous parents.

Julia Roberts’ Parents

Julia Roberts’ parents are both actors who have starred in many films and television shows. Her father, Eric Roberts, is best known for his roles in The Dark Knight and The Expendables. Her mother, Lisa Roberts Gillan, is known for her roles in Pretty Woman and Steel Magnolias.

Julia has two siblings, an older brother named actor/director Emma Roberts and a younger sister named actress/producer Liza Roberts.

Who Is Emma Roberts Parents?

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Who is Emma Roberts Biological Mother?

Emma Roberts is the daughter of Kelly Cunningham and Eric Roberts. Her mother is a former model and her father is an actor. Emma has two siblings, a sister named Grace and a brother named Morgan.

Who is Emma Roberts Family?

Emma Roberts is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and his ex-wife Kelly Cunningham. She has a sister, Grace, who is also an actress. Emma’s paternal grandparents were actors; her maternal grandfather was a businessman.

Does Emma Roberts Have a Sister?

Yes, Emma Roberts has a sister. Her name is Grace and she is two years younger than Emma.

Is Emma Roberts an Only Child?

Emma Roberts is an only child. Her parents are actress Lisa Roberts and actor Eric Roberts. She has two half-siblings from her father’s previous marriage: Keaton Simons and Morgan Simons.


Emma Roberts is the daughter of Kelly Cunningham and Eric Roberts. She was born in Rhinebeck, New York. Emma’s parents divorced when she was young and she grew up living with her mother and stepfather in Los Angeles, California.

Emma has two half-siblings: a sister, Grace, from her mother’s remarriage to Michael Kline, and a brother, Keaton, from her father’s second marriage to Eliza Roberts. Emma began acting when she was nine years old and has appeared in numerous film and television roles since then. In 2010, she starred in the teen horror film “Scream 4” as Jill Roberts.

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