Who Are Lokis Parents?

Who Are Lokis Parents

In Norse mythology, Loki is the son of Laufey and Farbauti. He is the brother of Helblindi and Býleistr. Loki is married to Sigyn and they have a son, Narvi.

There are many theories about who Loki’s parents are, but the most popular one is that his father is Laufey, the ruler of the Frost Giants. This theory is based on a scene in the movie Thor: Ragnarok, where Loki says that he was born in Jotunheim, which is the realm of the Frost Giants. Other theories suggest that his father could be Odin (the All-Father), or even Hela (the goddess of death).

However, there is no definitive answer and it is up to each individual to decide who they believe Loki’s parents are.

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Loki Norse Mythology

Loki is a popular character from Norse mythology who has appeared in many different stories and interpretations over the years. He is often depicted as a trickster god, playing pranks on both gods and mortals alike. In some stories, he is even responsible for causing the death of the beloved god Baldr.

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Loki is a fascinating figure. If you’re interested in learning more about this complex character, read on for everything you need to know about Loki from Norse mythology.

Loki God of War

Loki is a god of war in Norse mythology. He is the son of Odin and the giantess Angrboda. Loki is known for his trickery and deception.

He is often portrayed as an antagonist to the gods. Loki was responsible for the death of the god Baldr. Loki tricked Baldr’s brother, Hodr, into shooting him with a mistletoe arrow.

Baldr died as a result of this treachery. The gods punished Loki by binding him to a rock with a serpent dripping venom onto his face. Loki’s wife, Sigyn, held a bowl over his head to catch the venom, but she had to empty it every now and then.

As a result of this punishment, Loki sometimes caused earthquakes when he writhed in pain from the venom. Lokeans worship Loki as a god of war and chaos. They believe that he brings about change and progress through his cunning ways.

Who is Loki

Loki is a god in Norse mythology who is known for his trickery and deception. He is the son of the giant Farbauti and the goddess Laufey, and the brother of Helblindi and Býleistr. Loki is often depicted as having the ability to change his shape and appearance, and he is also associated with fire.

Loki was an important figure in Norse mythology, and his tales are found in a number of sources. In the Prose Edda, written by Snorri Sturluson in the 13th century, Loki is introduced as a cunning tricksster who often causes trouble for the gods. He is responsible for stealing Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, and giving it to the giant Utgarda-Loki as part of a bet.

He also plays a role in causing Baldr’s death by convincing Hodr to shoot him with an arrow made of mistletoe. While Loki can be seen as a mischief-maker, he is also sometimes portrayed as a helpful figure. In one story, he assists Thor in defeating the giants by creating a bridge over which they can cross a river.

Loki Wife

In Norse mythology, Loki is married to the jötunn Sigyn. Together they have a son, Narfi and a daughter, Hel. Loki’s wife Sigyn is one of the most important people in his life.

She helps him through his hardest times and loves him unconditionally. She is also incredibly beautiful and intelligent. The two met when Loki was working as a servant in the palace of the jötunn king, Utgard-Loke.

He was immediately attracted to her and asked her to marry him. She agreed, but only on the condition that he could prove himself worthy of her by performing three impossible tasks. Loki succeeded in all three tasks and they were married soon after.

They had a happy life together for many years until Loki’s trickster ways landed him in trouble with the gods once again. This time they sentenced him to be chained up under a venomous snake whose dripping poison would torture him forever. Sigyn stayed by her husband’s side, catching the poison in a bowl so that it wouldn’t burn his skin.

Who Are Lokis Parents?

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Who is Loki’S True Father?

In Norse mythology, Loki is often portrayed as the trickster god. He’s known for his cunning and ability to deceive. But what many people don’t know is that Loki’s true father is actually Odin, the All-Father.

Odin is the ruler of Asgard and father of both Thor and Loki. In some stories, it’s said that Loki was actually born in Jotunheim, the land of the giants. This is where he gets his deceptive nature from.

However, Odin took him in and raised him as his own. Loki always felt like he was second best to Thor and resented him for it. This led to a lot of conflict between the two brothers over the years.

In one famous story, Loki even tricked Thor into marrying a giantess! Despite their differences, Odin loved both of his sons equally. And in the end, it was Loki who sacrificed himself to save Asgard from destruction.

So even though he was mischievous and troublesome, there was always a part of Loki that was good at heart.

Who is Loki’S Parents in Norse Mythology?

Loki’s parents in Norse mythology are the jötunn Angrboða and the giant Farbauti. Loki is therefore often referred to as “the son of two giants”. He has three brothers: the gods Thor and Baldr, and the jötunn Víðarr.

Loki is also sometimes said to be the father of Hel, goddess of death.

Who is Loki’S Real Mother?

Loki, the trickster god of Norse mythology, is a complex character. His father is the giant Farbauti and his mother is Laufey, also known as Nalugu sturmsson. Loki has three wives; Sigyn, Angerboda and Hela.

He also has children with each of them; Vali and Narvi with Sigyn, Jormungand with Angerboda and Hela with Loki. Loki’s real mother is Laufey, who was born from an egg that was lain on the seabed and incubated by the heat of the earth’s core. She is sometimes described as a giantess or ogress, which may be why her son inherited his ability to shape-shift.

It is said that when Laufey gave birth to Loki, she exclaimed “What have I done?” indicating that she regretted having him.

How is Loki Related to Odin?

In Norse mythology, Loki is a god who is often portrayed as the Trickster. He is also known for his ability to change his shape and appearance. Loki is the son of two giants, but he was raised by Odin and Frigg.

He is married to the giantess Angrboda, with whom he has three children: Hel, Jormungandr, and Fenrir. Loki is sometimes portrayed as being in conflict with Odin and Thor, although he also assists them on occasion. For example, it was Loki who helped Thor obtain Mjolnir, his hammer.

In the Ragnarök cycle of myths, however, Loki plays a key role in bringing about the end of the world.


In Norse mythology, Loki is a god who is known for his trickery and deception. He is the son of two giantesses, Idunn and Angrboda. Loki is also the brother of Hela, the goddess of death.

He was born in Jotunheim, the land of the giants. When Loki was just a baby, he was already causing trouble. He once stole the golden apples that kept Idunn young.

He also tricked Thor into giving him his hammer, Mjolnir. Loki is always causing mischief and mayhem wherever he goes.

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