What My Mother Doesnt Know?

What My Mother Doesnt Know

My mother doesn’t know what I’m really up to when I leave the house. She thinks that I’m just going out with friends, but she doesn’t know all of the things we do together. She doesn’t know that sometimes we sneak out late at night and explore abandoned buildings or take long walks in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

She also isn’t aware of how often I go to parties without her permission, or the questionable activities which occur there. Additionally, she’s unaware of all the places my friends and I have gone exploring on our own, as well as some of the dangerous situations we’ve encountered along the way. In short, my mother has no idea what sort of mischief her son is getting into during his free time!

My mother doesn’t know the extent of my social life, and I’m okay with it. She has no idea how much I go out with friends, or what we get up to when we do. I’m grateful she trusts me enough not to pry too deeply into these things – but at the same time, there’s a part of me that wishes she could see all the wonderful moments and experiences I have with my friends that make up this chapter in my life.

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Why was What My Mother Doesn’T Know Banned?

The exact answer to this question is not known. What My Mother Doesn’t Know, a novel by Sonya Sones, was banned in some schools and libraries due to its mature content that dealt with topics such as sexuality, depression, self-harm and teen pregnancy. These themes were deemed too sensitive for younger readers because of their potential to create confusion or distress.

As the book aimed at young adults aged 12-18 years old, it was felt that the material could be seen as inappropriate or even dangerous in educational environments where students may have had limited access to guidance on these issues from parents or educators. The ban has been controversial among many librarians and teachers who feel that censoring books can prevent important conversations about difficult real-world issues within classrooms and libraries.

What is the Theme of What My Mother Doesnt Know?

The theme of What My Mother Doesn’t Know is the exploration of identity and finding oneself. It tells the story of a young girl trying to figure out who she is, while navigating her two very different worlds: family life in New York City and summer camp at Lake George. Through Sophie’s journey, readers learn that it’s okay to be different and explore their own identities without worrying about what others think or expect from them.

In addition, this novel highlights the importance of friendship and how having strong relationships can help us cope with difficult times. Ultimately, What My Mother Doesn’t Know encourages readers to take risks and find their true selves despite potential criticism or disapproval from those around them. What My Mother Doesn’t Know explores themes of identity exploration as its main focus; Sophie has to balance between two completely different worlds – home life in New York City versus summer camp at Lake George – as she struggles with understanding her true self amongst all these expectations set by friends, family members, teachers etc..

This book serves as an important reminder for readers not only that it’s ok to be different but also encourages them to take risks and explore who they are regardless of any judgment or criticism they may receive along the way – something we could all use some reminding on every now & then!

How Many Pages are in What My Mother Doesn’T Know?

The book What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones has 213 pages. What My Mother Doesn’t Know is a coming of age story about a teenage girl named Mina who struggles to find her place in the world as she deals with crushes, friendships, and family dynamics. Through her candid musings and unique poetry-style narration, readers experience all the highs and lows that come with growing up.

Written from an authentic teen perspective, this page-turner will keep you engaged until the very end!

What My Mother Doesnt Know?

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What My Mother Doesn’T Know Banned

My Mother Doesn’t Know Banned is a powerful documentary film directed by award-winning filmmaker David Grabias that explores the harsh realities of censorship in America. The film follows several high school students as they grapple with their own experiences of being censored and silenced due to fear or perceived risk to themselves or others. It sheds light on the power dynamics between adults who have authority over young people, and how those same adults often curtail free speech and suppress expression when it comes to controversial topics such as religion, sexuality, gender identity, race, politics and more.

Ultimately, My Mother Doesn’t Know Banned serves as an important reminder that everyone has a right to freedom of expression – even if we don’t always agree with what is said.


In conclusion, it is evident that the love between a mother and her child will last forever. The bond shared between them can never be broken no matter what secrets may remain hidden. Even if there are times of misunderstanding or disagreement, this does not take away from the unconditional love they share for each other.

Mothers are often our most reliable sources of support and guidance in life, and their presence should always be appreciated regardless of any secrets that may lay beneath the surface.

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