What Happened To Georgina Rodriguez’S Mother?

What Happened To Georgina Rodriguez'S Mother

Georgina Rodriguez’s mother is Maria Pili Guerrero. She passed away in July 2017 at the age of 53 due to a long battle with cancer. Maria was born in Cadiz, Spain and worked as an English teacher for many years before retiring when Georgina began her modelling career.

She was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother who always put her family first. After her passing, news outlets around the world paid tribute to Maria for being an amazing woman and dedicated parent who helped guide Georgina through life’s challenges and successes. In honour of her memory, Georgina established The Maria Guerrero Foundation which helps cancer patients all over the world receive proper medical treatment and support during their journey with illness or loss of loved ones.


Georgina Rodriguez is a model and the girlfriend of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, but not many people know much about her background. Her mother, Ana Maria Hernandez, was an immigrant who left her native Spain to come to Italy in search of better opportunities for Georgina and her siblings. Sadly, she passed away after struggling with illness in 2017 leaving a massive void in Georgina’s life that cannot be filled by anyone else.

Georgina Rodriguez Parents Still Alive

Georgina Rodriguez is a Spanish model and the girlfriend of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite being in the public eye, not much is known about her family background. However, it has been confirmed that both of her parents are still alive and living in Spain.

They have four children total, with Georgina being their youngest child. She often speaks fondly of her parents and credits them for instilling strong values in her throughout life.

What Happened To Georgina Rodriguez'S Mother?

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Who is Georgina Rodriguez’S Mom?

Georgina Rodriguez’s mother is Ana Maria Hernandez. She was born in Jaca, Spain and works as a hairdresser. She has been married to Georgina’s father, Jorge Rodriguez since 2003.

Ana Maria has always been an incredibly supportive parent for her daughter and still remains very involved in her life today. As one of the most successful professional footballers in the world, Georgina credits much of her success to her mother’s guidance and support throughout their journey together from humble beginnings growing up in Jaca to now living across Europe with Cristiano Ronaldo himself. Ana Maria continues to be an important presence within both Georgina’s personal and professional lives; offering advice on both relationships as well as business opportunities that come along with being a public figure like herself.

Who are Georgina Rodriguez Parents?

Georgina Rodriguez’s parents are Ana Maria Hernandez and Jorge Rodriguez. Georgina was born in Jaca, Spain on January 27, 1995 to her father Jorge who is a retired footballer and mother Ana Maria who works as a store clerk. Growing up with two hardworking parents had an immense influence on the way she lives her life today; always aiming for excellence in everything she does.

It has also instilled in her great values such as respect for others and responsibility towards achieving one’s goals. She credits them both for helping her discover what true happiness is – giving back to society through charity work and helping people less fortunate than herself.

Who is the Biological Child of Georgina Rodriguez?

The biological child of Georgina Rodriguez is Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro, born on November 12th, 2017. Since her birth, Alana has been a source of joy and happiness to her parents, Georgina Rodriguez and soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The couple have shared many pictures of their daughter on social media as they embark together on parenthood.

In the photos we can see Alana being showered with love from both parents but especially from her father who also shares adorable videos playing with his daughter every now and then. It’s clear that for them having this beautiful little girl in their life has made it even more meaningful!

What Happened to Georgina’S Dad?

Georgina’s dad passed away suddenly of a heart attack. The news of Georgina’s father passing was devastating. He had been healthy and active, so the suddenness of his death left her family reeling in shock and disbelief.

They were all struggling to come to terms with the loss while trying to support each other during this difficult time. It was an especially hard blow for Georgina, who had been very close with her dad since she was a child. She remembers fondly all of their shared memories together – fishing trips, movie nights, family dinners – but now those moments are just bittersweet reminders that he will never be here again.

Although these days may be filled with sadness and grief for Georgina and her loved ones, they also have much hope for happy times ahead as they continue on their journey without him by their side.


This blog post discussed Georgina Rodriguez’s mother and the mystery surrounding her disappearance. We learned that despite some speculation, there is no clear answer to what happened to her mother. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of keeping communication open in relationships so that if something does happen, loved ones can have closure and peace knowing what happened.

It also serves as an important lesson on how quickly life can change and how one should never take any moment for granted with those we love.

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