How Old Is Shaquille O’Neal’S Mother?

How Old Is Shaquille O'Neal'S Mother

Shaquille O’Neal’s mother, Lucille O’Neal, is 68 years old. She was born on April 5th 1952 in Newark, New Jersey. She grew up in a single-parent home with her mother and brother and worked hard to provide for them.

Lucille attended Southern University where she earned two degrees: one in sociology and the other in criminal justice. After college, she moved to Florida and worked as an accountant before becoming Shaquille’s manager when he first entered the NBA at 19 years old. During this time she also wrote her memoir “Walk Like You Have Somewhere To Go,” which details her inspiring story of perseverance and resilience while raising Shaq alone.

Today Lucille continues to be involved in Shaquille’s life by attending his basketball games whenever possible and offering support to him through difficult times. She also works closely with The Little Heroes Foundation which provides assistance for underprivileged children who have lost one or both parents due to death or abandonment.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Mom Talks About Her Hall-of-Fame Son & Cooks His Favorite Meal, Lil Shaq Easy Mac

Shaquille O’Neal’s mother, Lucille O’Neal, is 73 years old. She was born in 1947 and raised Shaquille and his siblings in Newark, New Jersey. Despite her age, she continues to be a major influence on Shaquille’s life as he works hard to make her proud of him both on and off the court.

With her unending love and support throughout the years, it’s no surprise that Shaquille has become one of the most successful basketball players of all time!

Is Shaquille O’Neal’S Mother Still Alive

Yes, Shaquille O’Neal’s mother Lucille O’Neal is still alive and well. She has been a strong influence in his life since he was a young child and continues to be a positive role model for him today. She raised four children on her own after divorcing their father in the late 1970s, including Shaquille who became an NBA superstar.

How Old Is Shaquille O'Neal'S Mother?


Who is Shaquille O Neal’S Mother?

Shaquille O’Neal’s mother is Lucille O’Neal. Lucille, who was born in Georgia, moved to New Jersey at an early age and later married Philip A. Harrison. She raised Shaquille and his three siblings with the help of her husband while also working full-time as a police officer in Newark.

Despite having to juggle multiple responsibilities, she made sure that Shaquille had the guidance he needed to become one of the world’s most renowned basketball players. Throughout his career, Shaquille has credited much of his success to Lucille’s guidance and support during his childhood years which enabled him to achieve greatness on and off the court.

How Old was Lucille O Neal When She Had Shaq?

Lucille O’Neal was 44 years old when she had Shaquille. When Lucille O’Neal became pregnant with her son Shaquille at age 44, it was a moment of immense joy for the family. While it is not an uncommon occurrence these days for parents to have children in their 40s, at the time, having a baby at that age was considered rather remarkable and unexpected.

For Lucille and her husband Phillip A. Harrison Jr., however, this surprise pregnancy brought them closer together as they looked forward to watching their son grow up and achieve his dreams. With love and support from both parents throughout his life, Shaq has since gone on to become one of basketball’s most legendary players – something that would never have been possible without his mother’s strength and courage in carrying him through to birth all those years ago!

What Does Shaq’S Mom Do for a Living?

Shaquille O’Neal’s mother, Lucille Harrison, is a businesswoman and real estate agent. She has worked as a legal secretary and office manager for many years before entering the real estate field. In addition to her work in the industry, Lucille also serves as an advocate for youth and families in need of assistance.

She works with several organizations to provide resources for young people including mentoring programs and job placement services. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with Shaquille when he is on tour or playing basketball games around the world. Her tireless dedication to helping others is truly inspiring and shows why Shaq loves his mom so much!

How Many Baby Mamas Did Shaq Have?

Shaquille O’Neal has four baby mamas. Shaq’s love life has been the subject of much speculation over the years, with rumors swirling around how many children he has and who their mothers are. While it is true that the basketball legend does have four baby mamas, there is more to the story than just that number.

Each of his relationships was unique in its own way, presenting a different set of challenges for both him and those involved. This can make it easier to understand why Shaq chose to take on multiple partners instead of settling down with just one person early on in his career. His decisions may not always be popular or easy to digest but they were certainly necessary at the time in order to ensure all parties were happy and content.


In conclusion, Shaquille O’Neal’s mother Lucille Harrison is a remarkable woman. She has been an integral part of her son’s success and gives him support in all aspects of his life. She is now 68 years old and still going strong, proving that age is just a number!

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