How Old Is Kelly Price Kids?

How Old Is Kelly Price Kids

Kelly Price has four children. Her oldest child, Jonathan, is 24 years old and her youngest, Zion, is 10. Her other two children are Jada and Lila who are both teenagers.

Kelly loves spending time with her kids and getting involved in their lives as much as possible. She cherishes every moment she gets to spend with them and looks forward to the days when they will all be together again soon. She often shares special moments with her family on social media for fans to see how close-knit they truly are!

Kelly Price has three children: her son, Solomon, is 21 years old; her daughter, Jordan, is 17; and her youngest child, Jonia, is 15. Despite being a busy mother of three and an incredibly successful singer in the music industry for over 20 years, Kelly still finds time to spend quality moments with each one of them. She loves spending time shopping or enjoying outdoor activities like going to the beach together as a family.

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Kelly Price Children

Kelly Price is a Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter who has three children. Her eldest daughter, Solé, is an actress and model. Her son Miles Jr., works in the music industry as a producer for artists such as Jay Z and Beyoncé.

Lastly, her youngest daughter, Grace, is currently studying at Berklee College of Music with aspirations to become a professional musician. Kelly takes immense pride in her children’s accomplishments and encourages them to pursue their passions fearlessly.

How Old Is Kelly Price Kids?


How Many Kids Does Kelly Price Have?

Kelly Price has four children. She has two sons and two daughters, ranging in age from 21 to 11. Throughout her career as a singer and actress, Kelly has been an incredible role model for her kids, teaching them the importance of hard work and dedication to their passions.

She is an avid supporter of each of their individual interests, whatever they may be. Whether it’s cheering them on at sports games or helping them with schoolwork, Kelly is always there to show her love and support when needed. Her commitment to being a great mom shines through in everything she does!

Does Kelly Price Have a Daughter?

Yes, Kelly Price has a daughter. Her name is Jahzil and she was born in 2000 to Kelly’s then-boyfriend Jeffrey Rolle. Since her birth, Jahzil has been an integral part of her mother’s life, appearing alongside her on several red carpets and media events over the years.

She even made an appearance in one of Kelly’s music videos! Jahzil is now 19 years old and continues to be a source of pride for both her parents who have shown nothing but unconditional love since the day she arrived into this world.

How Many Siblings Do Kelly Price Have?

Kelly Price has two siblings; a younger brother and an older sister. Growing up with two siblings gave Kelly the opportunity to develop strong interpersonal skills at an early age. As the middle child, she had to learn how to get along with both her younger brother and older sister in order to prevent disputes between them.

This experience would later prove invaluable when it came time for her to navigate relationships in other areas of life such as business deals, collaborations, and more. Her ability to handle disagreements with grace and understanding is one of the traits that makes her so successful today.

Who is Kelly Price Partner?

Kelly Price’s partner is Jeffery Rolle. The two have been together since 2018 and are still going strong as of 2021. They often post pictures together on social media, showing their love for one another and the bond they share.

Kelly has said that she believes in true love and isn’t afraid to take risks with her heart. She also says that it’s important to have someone who will always be there for you through thick or thin, which is why she loves being in a relationship with Jeffery. With his unwavering support, positive outlook on life, and kind nature, it’s clear why the couple continues to thrive after three years together!


Overall, this blog post was able to provide a comprehensive overview of Kelly Price’s kids and their ages. It is clear that while she has five children, they range in age from 18 to 8 years old. With such a large family, it is obvious that there will be plenty of new memories for her and her family for many years to come!

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