How Old Is Deon Derrico Mother?

How Old Is Deon Derrico Mother

Deon Derrico’s mother, La’Miyah Derrico, is 53 years old. She was born in 1967 and is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Deon often posts pictures of his mother on social media.

In recent posts from 2019 he has referred to her as a “beautiful 53 year old.” He even celebrated her birthday in August of 2019 with a special post dedicated to her and the hashtag #53YearsYoung. La’Miyah appears to be very close with all six of Deon’s children and is often seen spending time with them in various family activities.

From Deon’s posts it seems that she loves being a grandmother and enjoys being an active part of their lives.

Deon Derrico is a famous YouTube star and social media influencer, but his success doesn’t stop there. His mother, Patience Derrico, has been an integral part of Deon’s journey to fame – she even joined him in creating fun family content on his vlogs! It might surprise many people to learn that despite having such a successful son, Patience is only 53 years old – making her one of the youngest moms among top YouTubers.

With her support and guidance Deon has achieved great things and we can’t wait to see what else he will do with his mom by his side!

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Who is Deon Derrico’S Mother?

Deon Derrico’s mother is named Sonya Derrico. She is a loving and supportive mom who has been an integral part of her son’s success as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Sonya has always encouraged Deon to reach for his dreams, no matter how big or small they may seem.

She instilled in him the importance of hard work and dedication, helping him develop into the inspiring leader he is today. In addition to being his biggest supporter, she also provides sound advice on business matters for both Deon’s personal projects as well as his professional pursuits. From providing guidance to offering support during challenging times, Sonya’s love and commitment have shaped Deon into the successful person he is today.

What Happened to the Derrico Mother?

The Derrico mother, Deonka, and her husband Ray welcomed quadruplets in October of 2020. Shortly after the birth of their babies, Deonka was admitted to the hospital due to complications with her heart valves. She underwent open-heart surgery but sadly passed away shortly afterwards on November 7th at the age of 39.

The family and friends of Deonka have set up a GoFundMe page to help support Ray and his eight children. The outpouring of love for this family has been tremendous as they mourn the loss of an amazing wife and mother.

How Old is the Mom on the Derricos?

The mom on the Derricos is 43 years old. Karen Derrico has been married to her husband, Deon since 2011 and has four children with him ranging from ages 4-14. She also adopted quadruplets in 2019 when they were just 9 months old.

Despite having a full house of six kids, she loves being a mother and makes sure that each child gets the love and attention they need. Karen often posts about her family life on social media so that their fans can follow along their incredible journey as an ever-growing family!

Did the Derricos Lose Their House?

Yes, the Derricos did lose their house. After working hard to pay off their mortgage and become homeowners, a massive wildfire in California destroyed the Derrico family home. The devastating fire not only burned down their beloved property but also took away all of their belongings with it.

Despite being devastated by this loss, the Derrico family was able to find strength through each other as well as help from friends and strangers alike. They were even able to set up a GoFundMe page which allowed them access to donations from people who wanted to help them out during such a difficult time in order for them start rebuilding again. Through immense support and generosity, they have begun taking steps towards recovery and finding hope within an otherwise tragic situation – proving that sometimes even when we might lose something precious like our homes, with compassion for one another we can still make it through together.

How Old Is Deon Derrico Mother?


Is Deon Derrico Mother Still Alive

Yes, Deon Derrico’s mother is still alive. She is an active member of the family and has been a major source of support for her daughter and son-in-law throughout their journey as parents to quadruplets. Her presence in the family continues to be a beautiful reminder that love can transcend any challenge life throws our way.


Deon Derrico’s mother is 78 years old. Her name is Linda Derrico and she has been married to her husband, Gary Derrico for over 50 years. She has five children: Deon, Devin, Denisha, Desmond and Darianne.

She also has eleven grandchildren that she loves dearly. Linda leads an active lifestyle and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. From this article we can clearly see that age really is just a number when it comes to living life to the fullest!

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