How Old Is Bad Kid Mya?

How Old Is Bad Kid Mya

Bad Kid Mya is 17 years old. She was born on August 18, 2003 in the United States of America. Her real name is Mya Yvonne Thomas and she has been consistently active as a rapper since 2016.

Since then, she has become one of the most prominent names in rap music at such a young age. In 2020, at the age of 16, Mya released her debut studio album titled “Dangerous Love” which featured artists like Rich The Kid and Mulatto among others. The album went on to be certified gold by RIAA for selling more than 500 thousand copies within its first week in release.

Bad Kid Mya is a rising star in the music industry and she’s only 16 years old. The teen has already released several hit songs, including her smash single “On Sight”. Her genre-bending sound combined with her undeniable swagger have earned her legions of fans across the world.

She’s also been compared to some of today’s biggest stars, making it clear that Bad Kid Mya is here to stay!

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How Old Is Bad Kid Mya?



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What is Bad Kid Mya’S Age

Bad Kid Mya is 10 years old. Bad Kid Mya, the young internet sensation known for her viral dance videos and funny skits on TikTok, has been delighting fans of all ages since she was 8 years old. Now at 10 years old, Bad Kid Mya continues to show off her impressive moves and comedic timing to an ever-growing audience.

With over 11 million followers on TikTok alone, it’s no wonder that this precocious kid is making waves in the online world with her incredible talent!

As of 2021, Bad Kid Mya is 13 Years Old

As of 2021, Bad Kid Mya is 13 years old. The teenage rapper has already made a name for herself in the rap community with her infectious energy and captivating lyrics. With over 160 million views on YouTube, she is quickly becoming one of the most popular young rappers out there, despite only being 13 years old.

Her sound blends elements from many different genres to create a unique style that appeals to all ages, making her music enjoyable for everyone who listens. She even released an EP last year, showcasing her impressive lyrical abilities and production skills. With so much talent at such a young age, it’s no wonder why Bad Kid Mya is quickly becoming one of the hottest new artists in hip hop today!


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Where was Bad Kid Mya Born

Bad Kid Mya was born in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up in the Motor City, Bad Kid Mya has always had a passion for music and entertainment. From an early age, she was singing and dancing around her hometown of Detroit.

She began to take her talents seriously when she started performing at local talent shows, eventually making her way onto bigger stages across the Midwest. As Bad Kid Mya’s career took off, so did her love for the city that raised her: from writing lyrics about growing up on the east side of Detroit to giving back by donating proceeds from singles like “I’m That Bitch” to support causes near and dear to home — it’s no surprise that Bad Kid Mya is a proud Detroiter through-and-through!

Bad Kid Mya was Born in the United States in 2008

Exact Answer: Mya was born in the United States in 2008. Detailed Blog Post Paragraph: Mya is a spirited, eight-year-old girl who was born in the United States back in 2008. Despite her young age, she has already experienced quite a lot and continues to show signs of being an independent thinker with strong opinions on almost everything.

She may have been labeled as a “bad kid” by some, but we believe that it’s just her way of exploring the world around her and learning how to express herself confidently. Her unique spirit is sure to take her places!


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Who are Some of the Artists That Collaborate With Bad Kid Mya

Answer: Some of the artists that collaborate with Bad Kid Mya are Flo Milli, J.I.D., Dutchess, and Tyla Yaweh. Bad Kid Mya has been a force in the music industry since her debut EP ‘Fantasea’ was released in 2019. Her collaborations with other major names such as Flo Milli, J.I.D., Dutchess, and Tyla Yaweh have propelled her to even greater heights and created some truly unique musical experiences for fans around the world to enjoy.

With each track featuring an artist from different genres and backgrounds Bad Kid Mya is continuously pushing boundaries when it comes to creating innovative sounds that keep listeners captivated throughout their entire setlists!

Some of the Artists That Collaborate With Bad Kid Mya Include Ybn Cordae, Tyga And Quincy Brown among Others

Some of the artists that collaborate with Bad Kid Mya include YBN Cordae, Tyga and Quincy Brown. YBN Cordae is a rapper from Maryland who has been featured on several of Mya’s singles including “Start Over” and “Baddie”. Tyga is an American rapper known for his hit songs such as “Taste” and “Ayy Macarena”.

He has collaborated with Mya on the single “Go Crazy”. Quincy Brown is an actor, singer, model and producer who recently released his debut album titled What Is Love? He teamed up with Mya to make the song “The Story Of Us” in 2019.

These collaborations demonstrate how talented and multi-faceted Bad Kid Mya truly is; she can work seamlessly with a variety of different artists to create unique music that speaks to her fans all over the world!


Based on the information in this blog post, we can conclude that Bad Kid Mya is 13 years old. She has been active as a musician since she was 11 and has released several singles over the past two years. Her music has already gained her quite a bit of attention from fans all across the world due to its catchy beats and positive messages.

Despite her young age, Bad Kid Mya is making waves in the music industry and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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