How Old Are Karey Burke’S Kids?

How Old Are Karey Burke'S Kids

Karey Burke is the President of ABC Entertainment, and she has three children. Her oldest child is a daughter named Grace who was born in 2001, making her 19 years old currently. She also has two sons named Henry and Emmett who were born in 2006 and 2009 respectively.

This makes them 14 and 11 years old respectively. Karey Burke married her husband Paul Norris in 2000, so they have been together for nearly 20 years now!

Karey Burke, the President of Freeform, has two children: a son and a daughter. Her son is 12 years old and her daughter is 9 years old. It seems that the mother-of-two has been able to juggle her career with parenting quite successfully!

Despite her incredibly busy work schedule, she still makes time for quality family time with her two young kids.

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How Old Are Karey Burke'S Kids?


How Many Children Does Karey Burke Have

Karey Burke has two children, a son and a daughter. Karey Burke is the current president of Freeform, the popular cable channel that focuses on young adults and families. As an accomplished executive in media and entertainment, she is also a devoted mother to her two children.

She often talks about balancing work life with family life – something that many working parents have to deal with daily. With her passion for creating content for all ages and stages of life, it’s no surprise that Karey Burke finds time to spend with her two kids while still managing such a successful career.

What is the Age Range of Karey Burke’S Kids

Karey Burke’s children are aged 25, 18 and 13. Karey Burke is the president of ABC Entertainment and she credits her role as a mother in helping her to become successful in the entertainment industry. As an experienced working mom, she understands how important it is for parents to balance their work life with parenting responsibilities.

She has been able to provide her children with plenty of support and hands-on guidance throughout their lives while also managing a demanding career. With two daughters now in adulthood and one teenage son still at home, she can relate to all stages of raising kids—from toddlerhood through college years—and uses that experience when making decisions both at home and at work.

Does Karey Burke Have Any Grandchildren

No, Karey Burke does not have any grandchildren. Despite having a long and illustrious career in television and film, including her current role as president of ABC Entertainment, Karey Burke has chosen to focus on her professional life rather than starting a family of her own. Although she has had some relationships over the years, none have resulted in marriage or children yet.

While this may change one day in the future, for now she is content with pouring all of her energy into making great television that people can enjoy around the world.

Are There Any Special Events That Her Family Celebrates Together

Yes, there are special events that her family celebrates together. These include birthdays, holidays such as Christmas and Easter, anniversaries of when the family was first formed or a marriage took place, and any other significant event in their lives that they want to commemorate. These special events are often celebrated with traditional rituals like eating a specially prepared meal or exchanging gifts.

The whole family gets involved in making these events memorable by coming up with creative ways to show love for each other and make it an occasion to remember for years to come.

Is There a Particular Activity Or Hobby That Her Children are Interested in

Yes, her children are interested in playing soccer. They have been participating in the sport since they were young and love to practice at home or with their friends whenever possible. Their enthusiasm for the game has inspired them to work hard and hone their skills so that they can one day play competitively.

The family enjoys spending time together on weekends watching games, attending local tournaments and cheering on their favorite teams. Soccer is a great way for her children to stay active while learning important values such as teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship and leadership – all of which will serve them well throughout life!


Karey Burke is a successful television executive and the President of ABC Entertainment. She has two children, both boys under the age of ten. They are her pride and joy as she works hard to provide them with a happy, loving home that also encourages their interests in music and sports.

From this blog post, we can see that Karey Burke is an amazing mother who loves spending time with her kids while balancing a demanding career. Her sons have been fortunate to grow up surrounded by love and support from both parents, which will set them up for success in life!

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