How Many Kids Does Tyreek Hill Have?

How Many Kids Does Tyreek Hill Have

Tyreek Hill is an American football wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. He has two children: Zevail, a son born in 2016, and Kylie, a daughter born in 2018. In 2020, following his arrest on domestic abuse charges involving his then-fiancée Crystal Espinal, Hill’s parental rights were temporarily suspended by a court order.

Following their reconciliation later that year and completion of counseling courses required by the court, Hill was granted full custody of both children again in 2021. Therefore, Tyreek Hill has two kids: son Zevail who was born in 2016 and daughter Kylie who was born in 2018.

Tyreek Hill is an American football player for the Kansas City Chiefs. He has had a successful career and it seems like he’s just getting started! One thing that some people may not know about Tyreek is how many kids he has.

Hill currently has two sons, Zevion and Kyden, with his girlfriend Crystal Espinal. As of now, they are focused on raising their boys while also helping to build a successful NFL career.

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Tyreek Hill Jr

Tyreek Hill Jr., born in 1994, is an American football wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Oklahoma State and was drafted by the Chiefs in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Throughout his career, Tyreek has established himself as one of the best receivers in NFL history with multiple Pro Bowl selections to his name.

Off-the-field issues have caused some controversy for him but he remains a dynamic playmaker on Sundays.

How Many Kids Does Tyreek Hill Have?


How Many Babies Does Tyreek Hill Have?

Tyreek Hill has two children, a son named Zev and a daughter named Sky. He loves spending time with them and is very involved in their day-to-day lives. As an NFL player, he makes sure to balance his work life and family life so that he can still be actively involved in both.

Tyreek has said before that being a father is one of the most important roles in his life, and it shows through how much time he spends with his kids. His kids are lucky to have such an amazing parent who not only provides for them but also puts quality time into their relationship as well.

Does Tyreek Hill Have a Baby?

Yes, Tyreek Hill has a baby. In 2017, Hill welcomed his first child, Zev, with partner Crystal Espinal. The couple was able to successfully keep the news of their new addition private until after he was born.

Since then they have shared photos and videos of him on social media and often refer to each other as “mom” and “dad” when talking about their son. Zev has even made appearances at events such as Super Bowl Media Day and been featured in interviews alongside his father. It is clear that both parents are devoted to raising their son well despite any challenges that may come along the way.

Is Tyreek Hill Still Married?

Yes, Tyreek Hill is still married. The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver has been married to his wife Crystal Espinal since September 2019. Prior to their marriage, the couple had dated for several years and have two children together.

They first met in college while Hill was a student-athlete at Oklahoma State University and Espinal was studying there as well. Since then, they have continued to build a strong relationship despite media scrutiny surrounding the couple due to previous legal issues involving Hill. Despite any external pressures they may face, the two remain happily married and are continuing to make progress in their family life together.

What’S Tyreek Hill’S Current Salary?

Tyreek Hill’s current salary is $2.8 million for the 2020 season. He signed a three-year, $54 million contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs in September of 2019 that included a signing bonus of around $15 million and an average annual value of over $18 million. The deal made him one of the highest-paid wide receivers in the NFL and has helped solidify his status as one of the best players at his position.

Since entering the league in 2016, Hill has established himself as one of football’s most dynamic and explosive weapons, averaging more than 17 yards per reception each year while scoring 33 touchdowns over his four seasons so far. His big play ability makes him invaluable to both quarterback Patrick Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid’s offense, making Hill’s new contract well worth it for all parties involved.

What is a Fact for Kids About Tyreek Hill?

A fact for kids about Tyreek Hill is that he was a two-sport athlete in college. He played football and ran track at Oklahoma State University, where he set the school record in the 200 meters with an impressive time of 20.14 seconds. As a football player, Hill also excelled and earned All-Big 12 honors three times as a wide receiver and kick returner.

His talent didn’t go unnoticed by NFL teams, who selected him in the fifth round of the 2016 draft to join his hometown team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Since then, Hill has become one of the most dynamic players in professional football, earning Pro Bowl selections each season since 2017 while helping lead his team to victory over San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV last year.


It is clear from this blog post that Tyreek Hill has a daughter and son with his fiancée Crystal Espinal. While there have been some rumors regarding additional children, no other children have been confirmed by Hill or any sources close to him. It appears that the true answer to the question of how many kids does Tyreek Hill have is two.

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