How Many Kids Does Jim Harbaugh Have?

How Many Kids Does Jim Harbaugh Have

Jim Harbaugh has three children. He and his wife Sarah have two daughters, Addison and Katherine, who are both in their twenties. They also have a son named Jay, who is in high school.

Jim Harbaugh’s kids all attended the University of Michigan while he was head coach there from 2015 to 2019. His daughter Addison graduated with a degree in communications while his son Jay is currently attending the university as a freshman majoring in business analytics. All three of them are actively involved with the football team and attend many of its games each season.

Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of the University of Michigan football team, is a proud father to three children. His oldest child is daughter Katie who was born in 2001 and his two sons are Jay Jr., born in 2004 and Jack, born in 2006. He also has two step-children with his wife Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh.

Together they make up one big happy family that loves spending quality time together both on and off the field!

How Many Kids Does Jim Harbaugh Have?


Does Jim Harbaugh Have Any Children?

Yes, Jim Harbaugh has three children. His oldest child is a daughter named Alison who was born in 2002. He also has two sons, Jack and James Jr., both of whom were born in 2008.

As the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Jim Harbaugh’s family often attends his games at Levi’s Stadium to show their support for him and his team. Despite all the time he spends working on football-related activities, Harbaugh always makes it a priority to spend quality time with his kids outside of work as well. Whether they are going out for ice cream or just having a movie night at home, Harbaugh loves spending time with them and cherishing every moment that he can get with them before they grow up too quickly!

How Many Kids Does John Harbaugh Have?

John Harbaugh has three children: a daughter, Alison; and two sons, Jay and James. John Harbaugh is the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens and he is no stranger to success on the field. His passion for football has been passed down to his kids as well; all three are involved in sports in some capacity.

Alison was a collegiate athlete at Miami University where she played volleyball, while Jay followed in his father’s footsteps with a college coaching career at Michigan, Ohio State, and Indiana before becoming the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. The youngest son James currently plays quarterback for Michigan Wolverines. Despite their busy lives they always make time to support each other’s endeavors and have created an incredibly close family bond that will last forever.

How Much Does Jay Harbaugh Make a Year?

Jay Harbaugh’s exact salary is not publicly available. However, it has been reported that Jay Harbaugh makes an annual salary of $400,000 as the running backs coach for the University of Michigan football team. As one of the top college football programs in the country, this salary reflects a six-figure commitment to excellence from both Michigan and Coach Harbaugh.

Not only does he have experience coaching at various levels including high school and collegiate teams, but his knowledge is also highly sought after in NFL circles. His expertise has helped develop some of the nation’s best players over the past decade and continues to be a major asset for any team fortunate enough to hire him.

Is Jim Harbaugh Still Married?

Yes, Jim Harbaugh is still married. He has been married to Sarah Feuerborn since 2008 and they have three children together. Since then, the couple has had a strong relationship and it appears that their bond only gets stronger with each passing year.

In addition to being a successful college football coach, Harbaugh also spends plenty of time with his family; whether he’s attending his kids’ sporting events or taking them on vacation, the Harbaughs are always there to support one another. Despite having an incredibly busy schedule as head coach of Michigan Wolverines football team, Jim Harbaugh manages to prioritize spending quality time with his wife and children—a testament to just how committed he is to making his marriage work for the long haul.

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Jim Harbaugh Salary

Jim Harbaugh is currently the head football coach of The University of Michigan and his salary for 2018 was reported to be $7.5 million dollars, making him the highest-paid college football coach in history. He also receives performance incentives that can add up to an additional $1 million or more per year. His contract runs through 2021 and includes a base pay of at least $4 million each season with potential annual raises based on team performance.


Jim Harbaugh is a well-known football coach who has been successful in both the NFL and college ranks. He also has a large family with four children. His oldest son, James Jr., recently decided to follow his father’s footsteps by accepting an offer from Michigan to play for their football team.

The youngest child, Addison, was born in 2011 and is the only daughter of Jim and Sarah Harbaugh. It’s clear that Jim takes his role as a father seriously by making sure he spends time with each of his kids and supports them in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue. Through hard work, dedication, and love for his family, Jim Harbaugh continues to be an amazing example of how success can be achieved on multiple levels at once.

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