How Many Kids Do Big Meech Have?

How Many Kids Do Big Meech Have

Big Meech, whose real name is Demetrius Flenory, does not have any children. The Detroit-based drug kingpin was arrested in 2005 and sentenced to 30 years in prison on federal racketeering charges. Since Big Meech has been incarcerated since then, he has not had the opportunity to have children.

He is currently serving his sentence at a low security facility located in Terre Haute, Indiana. His brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory was also convicted of similar charges and is currently serving his own sentence at a medium security facility in Pennsylvania. Despite having no kids of their own, both brothers are heavily involved with local charities that focus on helping disadvantaged youth.

Big Meech, the founder of BMF Entertainment, is a father to four children. His oldest son Jai was born in 1991 followed by his daughter Jaelyn in 1996. In 2005 he welcomed twin daughters, Amaziah and Anaya into the world.

Big Meech is an incredibly proud father and has been known to spoil them with expensive gifts such as luxury cars for their birthdays. He also provides them with opportunities to travel around the world and experience different cultures, something that not all young people get the chance to do!

How Many Kids Do Big Meech Have?


Who Does Big Meech Have Kids With?

Big Meech has four children with his wife Tonesa Welch, whom he married in 2006. The couple have three sons – Brandon, Cameron and Christian – and one daughter named Myah. In addition to being devoted parents, Big Meech and Tonesa are both active members of their local church community.

They regularly attend services together, participate in charitable events and support each other’s professional endeavors. Despite the challenges of parenthood, they remain committed to raising their kids with the same values they both grew up with – respect for others, hard work ethic and integrity. With such a strong foundation laid by their parents and faith-based upbringing, it’s no surprise that all four of Big Meech’s children have achieved great success in life thus far—especially considering all that their father has accomplished as an entrepreneur himself!

How Many Kids Does Terry Flenory Have?

Terry Flenory has two children. His daughter, Sierra, is a sophomore in high school and his son, Curtis Jr., is in middle school. As both children are still young, Terry often finds himself attending their various sporting events or helping them complete homework assignments throughout the week.

Being a father of two can be quite the juggling act for Terry but he takes pride in being an involved parent who sets an example for his kids to follow. In addition to taking care of his family’s needs, Terry also works as a community liaison at a local hospital and volunteers with several charities throughout the year. He truly believes that it’s important to give back when one can and enjoys making others smile whenever possible.

Who is the First Lady of Bmf?

The first lady of BMF is Angela Smith. She is the wife of Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, one of the founders and leaders of infamous drug trafficking organization Black Mafia Family (BMF). As a result, she was able to gain an intimate understanding into the culture and lifestyle associated with BMF.

Her husband’s activities ultimately led her to become well-known in both local communities and criminal circles alike, making her a powerful figure within the organization itself. While Big Meech remains incarcerated for his involvement in various criminal enterprises, Angela has been actively working behind the scenes as an advocate for those who have suffered from similar circumstances and providing assistance where needed. She also serves as a mentor for many young people who are striving to make better lives for themselves by staying away from crime altogether.

By upholding these values, Angela Smith proudly stands as an example that godliness does not guarantee safety or success but rather hard work coupled with dedication can lead to a brighter future.

Who is Big Meech Sons?

Big Meech’s sons are Justin and Jonathan Davis. Justin is the eldest of the two, born in 1993. He has an active Instagram page where he shares pictures with his brother and other friends.

Jonathan was born in 1995, making him the younger of Big Meech’s sons. Both brothers have been seen attending events along with their father, such as a charity event hosted by rapper T.I back in 2010. As sons of one of America’s most notorious drug kingpins, both Justin and Jonathan have had to endure various media reports about their family during their lives.

Despite this difficult situation that comes with being related to someone who has led a life that is so closely monitored by authorities, they seem determined to stay on a positive path for themselves as well as for their father’s legacy and make sure it does not fade away into nothingness over time or be reduced to just another criminal story from yesteryear.

How Many Kids And Baby Mamas Does Big Meech Have? Demetrius Flenory BMF Starz

Does Big Meech Have a Daughter

Big Meech, born Ronald Mathis, is a former drug trafficker and the leader of the Black Mafia Family (BMF). While he has two sons from a previous relationship, there is no record that Big Meech has any daughters. In 2019, Big Meech was released after serving 10 years in prison for racketeering and money laundering.


Big Meech’s family life is an interesting one. He has four children: two daughters, a son, and a stepson. All of them are grown up now and pursuing their own interests.

With his success in business, Big Meech is able to provide for all of them financially and emotionally as they continue to grow into adulthood. His unwavering commitment to his kids demonstrates that even the most successful entrepreneurs can put family first when it matters most.

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