How Do You Say Happy Mother’S Day In Greek?

How Do You Say Happy Mother'S Day In Greek

The Greek translation for “Happy Mother’s Day” is “Kali Hronia Mamas”. This phrase directly translates to “Good Year, Mom”. You can also say it as “Chaireti I Mana Sou” which means “Cheerful [or Joyful] Your Mother”.

To make the phrase more personal and heartfelt, you could say “Efcharisto Gia Olous Tous Agapes Sou” which translates to “Thank you for all your love.” If you’re looking for a poetic way of saying Happy Mother’s Day in Greek, use the phrase “Na Se Xarizoume Mia Kai Monadiki Mera” which means “[Let us] Gift You A Unique Day,” referring to her special day.

How Greek is your mum? ( Happy Mother’s day !)

Happy Mother’s Day in Greek is “Chronia Polla!” which translates to mean “many years” and is typically used as a way to wish someone a long life. It is customary for people to give their mothers flowers or small gifts on this special day, as well as express their love and appreciation through heartfelt words.

How Do You Say Happy Mothers Day in Italian

In Italian, you can wish someone a Happy Mother’s Day by saying “Auguri alla mamma per la sua festa” which translates to “Happy Mom on her special day”. On this special day of celebration, Italians also say “Tanti auguri alla mia bella mamma”, which means “Many wishes to my beautiful mother”.

How Do You Say Happy Mother'S Day In Greek?


What is Happy Mother’S Day in Greek?

Happy Mother’s Day in Greek is Χαρούμενη μητριάς της Ημέρα. This special day is a time to honor and celebrate the hard work and love of all mothers, grandmothers, and mother figures around the world. In Greece, it has become a tradition to give small gifts or cards expressing appreciation for the strong bond between mother and child.

Families often gather together for a meal or celebration on this day to show their gratitude for mothers everywhere who have done so much for them over the years. Whether you’re looking to express your appreciation or simply spread some joy, celebrating Happy Mother’s Day in Greece with meaningful gestures can help make your mom feel extra special this year!

Do Greeks Celebrate Mother’S Day?

Yes, Greeks celebrate Mother’s Day on the first Sunday of May. In Greece, it is a day for families to get together and honor mothers for their sacrifices and hard work. On this special day, children give cards or small gifts to their moms as a token of appreciation.

Some even take them out for lunch or prepare breakfast in bed to show how much they love and care about them. It is also common practice among Greeks to visit cemeteries where family members are laid to rest during this time of year and pay respects by placing flowers at each grave site in memory of lost loved ones who were mothers themselves. The celebration ends with happy gatherings around tables filled with traditional Greek delicacies such as spanakopita, moussaka, baklava, loukoumades and many more delicious dishes – all made with love especially for mom!

What is the Greek Way of Saying Mother?

The Greek word for mother is μητέρα (mitera). In Greece, mothers are deeply respected and loved. They are seen as the heart of the family and often go to great lengths to ensure that their children have a good education, life opportunities, and a safe home environment.

This respect and love for mothers is reflected in the traditional saying “μητέρα ειν’ ο παν” which literally translates to “mother is everything”. Mothers are adored by both young and old alike for their dedication to those around them. They provide comfort when needed, guidance when asked for, but most importantly unconditional love no matter what circumstances may arise.

It’s no wonder then why the Greek term of endearment ‘mitera’ captures all these feelings with just one simple word!

What is the Best Way to Say Happy Mother’S Day?

The best way to say Happy Mother’s Day is simply by telling your mother that you love her and that you are grateful for all she has done. A heartfelt hug or a warm embrace can also speak volumes, as well as gifting her with something special like flowers, jewelry or a homemade card. Beyond the physical gestures, it’s important to take time out to listen and appreciate all of your mom’s wisdom and guidance throughout the years.

Whether it be through phone calls, Skype sessions or in-person visits—any time spent with mom will make this day truly special for both of you!


In conclusion, wishing someone a happy Mother’s Day in Greek is very simple! All you need to do is say “Kalo Mhtera’S Day!” With this phrase, you can express your love and appreciation for all the hard work mothers do.

Whether it be via phone call or written message, saying Happy Mother’s Day in Greek will make sure that your mother knows how much she means to you.

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